Corvette News Summary | June 2023

Corvette News Summary | June 2023

Greetings Corvette enthusiasts!

Welcome to this month's edition of ACS Composite Corvette News Summary. We have an exciting lineup of stories that every Corvette enthusiast will relish. In this week's issue, we discuss Corvette Racing's remarkable comeback at the Le Mans race, a thrilling development that shook the motorsport world. We also take a nostalgic look at Chevrolet's tribute to the Camaro legacy with the unveiling of the final Camaro Sixth-Generation Collector's Edition.

In the business sphere, we explore the start of the 2024 Corvette order cycle, set to commence on July 27th, and highlight the top 20 Corvette dealers who led the market in 2023. Chevrolet also set a new milestone in 2023, surpassing 40,000 C8 Corvettes produced for the model year - a feat we delve into with great detail.

Technical aspects are not left out, as we review GM's potential solution to the notorious LT6 ticking noise issue in the 2023 Corvette Z06 and bring you an alert on an underbody issue spotted in new Z06 Corvettes. We also answer a common question amongst Corvette owners: Do C8 Lowering Collars void your warranty?

Furthermore, we investigate the intriguing trend of pre-owned C8 Corvette Stingrays potentially becoming cheaper, and address the controversial topic of Corvette Z06 allocations and market inflations that has put GM in a tight spot between dealers and enthusiasts.

Finally, in our ACS Spotlight, we're excited to feature the C8 Stingray Z06 Canards, an exciting new addition that enhances the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the renowned model.

Corvette Racing's Historic Le Mans Victory

In their last GTE race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Corvette Racing staged an impressive comeback, culminating in a thrilling victory.

C8R Corvette Racing Le Mans Victory
Photo Credit: David Bristol / MPS Agency

Despite a significant setback in the initial practice session, the team, including drivers Nicky Catsburg, Nico Varrone, and Ben Keating, persevered. They not only made it to the start line but also secured a class pole position.

An early pit stop due to a faulty damper left the team trailing, but strategic planning and the Corvette's strong performance saw them bounce back, leading to Catsburg seizing the lead as the race neared its conclusion.

This spectacular Le Mans win, Corvette Racing's third this season, paves the way for a potential WEC title at Monza next month.

A big congratulations to Team Corvette and Chevrolet for their continued efforts!

Camaro Farewell: Chevrolet's Sixth-Generation Collector's Edition Unveiled

Chevrolet bids farewell to the sixth-generation Camaro with a unique 2024 Collector's Edition across the LT/RS, LT1, SS, and ZL1 variants. The edition draws inspiration from the Camaro's original "Panther" code name, paying tribute to the model's rich heritage.

2024 Chevrolet Camaro SS Collector's Edition
Photo Credit: GM Media

The Collector's Edition stands out with Panther Black Metallic Tintcoat paint, Satin Black accent stripes, and exclusive wheels on select models. The limited 350 units of the ZL1 variant sport a Panther Black Matte exterior and additional features such as a ZL1 1LE front splitter, rear wing, and red brake calipers.

All models include unique badging, panther emblems, and black interior treatments. Collector's Edition owners will receive commemorative posters and a special 45mm Canfield Sport watch for ZL1 owners.

2024 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Collector's Edition
Photo Credit: GM Media

Available from June 15th, the 2024 Chevrolet Camaro Collector's Edition starts at $32,495 for the LT coupe and $38,495 for the LT convertible. Don't miss this tribute to Camaro's legacy.

Key Dates for 2024 Corvette Ordering Announced

A change in the 2023 Corvette Stingray order cycle pushed the final order round to June 22nd, with the last order cycle for Z06 models possibly starting a week later.

As for the 2024 Corvette models, Chevrolet plans to kick off the new model year on September 5th. Dealers will have access to the 2024 Corvette Order Guide from July 10th, and customers can use the 'Build Your Own Configurator' from July 18th.

A Sebring Orange C8 Corvette in front of a sunset

Shop the look

Rick Conti announced that the first 2024 allocations and order cycle will start on July 27th. It's not yet clear whether this includes all models or only the Stingray, with other models to follow.

2023's Top Corvette Dealers Ranked

Finding the right dealer for your new Corvette can be daunting. The high-volume dealerships are often a preferred choice, as they receive more allocations, essential for acquiring specialty models like Z06s and E-Rays.

Note: High sales volume doesn't guarantee the best service.

Top 20 Corvette Dealers Until May 2023

1 MacMulkin Chevrolet 612
2 Ciocca Corvette 437
3 Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland 222
4 Criswell Chevrolet 216
5 Les Stanford Chevrolet 195
6 Stingray Chevrolet 136
7 Rick Hendrick Chevrolet 112
8 Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall 109
9 Hendrick Chevrolet 92
10 Coughlin Chevrolet 85
11 Jim Ellis Chevrolet 73
12 George Matrick Chevrolet 71
13 Classic Chevrolet 70
14 Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Naples 65
15 Rydell Chevrolet 63
16 Ross Downing Chevrolet 62
17 Bob Stall Chevrolet 60
18 Don Mealey Chevrolet 58
19 Van Bortell Chevrolet 53
20 Estero Bay Chevrolet 51

Chevrolet's 2023 C8 Corvette Production Soars Past 40,000

Chevrolet's Corvette assembly line has been humming, manufacturing over 40,000 2023 Corvettes despite challenges like supply chain disruptions and weather events.

A Blade Silver C8 Corvette on the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly line

Let's dissect this: out of 40,454 Corvettes, 33,786 were regular Stingrays, 3,593 were 70th Anniversary Stingrays, 2,572 were regular Z06s, and 503 were 70th Anniversary Z06s.

This impressive production figure nearly doubles the first C8 Corvette's output in 2020, marking the highest production since 2016. Note, these numbers exclude pre-production and test fleet vehicles, like the 150 E-Ray models built recently.

With roughly 4,000 Corvettes rolling out monthly, Chevrolet could reach a record-breaking 50,000 units by year-end. Yet, amid the acceleration, some enthusiasts are waiting for their Stingrays & Z06s!

Here's the breakdown of the 40,454 Corvettes produced:

Model Quantity
Regular Stingrays 33,786
70th Anniversary Stingrays 3,593
Regular Z06s 2,572
70th Anniversary Z06s 503

Fixing LT6's Ticking in 2023 Corvette Z06: GM's Approach

In May, we reported an intriguing ticking noise that was coming from the 5.5L LT6 V8 engines of 2023 Corvette Z06, baffling its owners. Fortunately, General Motors (GM) has a promising fix that avoids total engine removal.

The mysterious ticking sound hasn't affected power or triggered warning lights, leading to an engineering probe by Chevrolet.

Chevrolet's Preliminary Information Bulletin states: “The concern is under engineering investigation. Once we establish a repair, we'll update this PI. No durability issues are associated with this, and customers can continue driving until a repair is available."

A user named 'My Z06' on posted a video of the ticking sound, and later revealed GM's impending solution.

“My dealer informed me this morning that GM has a fix for the valve ticking issue, involving new torque settings and possibly replacing valve retainer discs. I volunteered for the first repair," he shared.

We await 'My Z06's' post-repair feedback, hoping GM's solution effectively silences the LT6's ticking noise.

Noted Underbody Detail in New C8 Z06 Corvettes

Attention, Corvette Z06 aficionados! A notable detail regarding the underbody close-out panels of your beloved machines has emerged. While Chevrolet's engineers designed these panels to optimize airflow, improper installation during the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) could lead to unexpected deformations.

An observant Z06 owner, GTPprix, shed light on this issue on His Corvette's underbody panel exhibited sagging, possibly due to improper installation resulting in unintended airflow disruption.

Turns out, he wasn't alone. Further instances from the Corvette community signaled a trend, pointing at a hitch in the PDI process. Instead of a simple bolt-on, the correct installation requires a more careful approach, tucking the front-facing tabs under the adjacent panel to prevent airflow-induced gaps.

No worries, GTPprix offers a quick fix—only a Torx T15 and a 7mm Socket/Nut Driver needed. However, a discourse on who should bear the cost for rectifying this PDI oversight is underway. We certainly hope Chevrolet will step up, ensuring customers aren't burdened further.

Want to delve into the details? Check out the full article here.

Bad installation Bad installation of z06 underbody panel
Good installation Good installation of z06 underbody panel

C8 Corvette: Are Aftermarket Lowering Collars Affecting Your Warranty?

Important news for C8 Corvette owners contemplating aftermarket lowering collars: these modifications may impact your warranty, specifically related to the front lift systems.

two black lowering collars
Image of lowering collars

In a notable case, Corvette enthusiast and YouTuber NuHorizon C8, encountered a malfunctioning front lift system post-installation of lowering collars. Upon inspection, service professionals attributed the failure to these aftermarket modifications, leading to a costly repair of around $2,000, which included actuator part replacement and realignment.

To preserve your warranty, considering lowering springs as an alternative for achieving that lowered Corvette aesthetic is recommended. For a detailed account of this issue, check out the insightful video:

Price Drops Spotted in Pre-Owned C8 Corvette Market

Entering the fourth year of C8 Corvette production with over 100,000 Stingrays produced, a market cooldown emerges in the pre-owned sector. Noted by Corvette enthusiast and YouTuber, FourWheel Trader, used C8 Corvette prices are decreasing, and sales are slowing.

A trend confirmed by Car Auctions Weekly data indicates mixed results for Z06s, with only half of the listed models sold. The C8 Stingray's market also shows a significant price drop from 2021 highs with fewer models achieving or breaking the $100k mark.

In numerical terms, out of 10 listed Z06s, five were sold with the highest price reaching $138K. For C8 Stingrays, 19 out of 33 listings sold, with the highest price capped at $100K.

We're committed to keeping our ACS Composite community updated on the Corvette pre-owned market. Stay tuned!

Corvette Z06 Allocations: GM's Balancing Act Amidst Market Inflation

General Motors (GM) faces a wave of criticism from Corvette enthusiasts over the handling of Corvette Z06 allocations. The decision to reduce the claim time for custom-ordered Corvettes from one year to six months has sparked discontent, with many fans accusing GM of favoring dealerships over consumers, further exacerbated by insufficient dealership support.

an Elkhart Lake Blue C8 Corvette Z06 outside a dealership

The resale or "flipping" of unclaimed Corvette Z06s at inflated prices and dealership markups significantly impacts the market, creating hurdles for loyal fans seeking their dream car. Critics suggest GM could discourage this practice by penalizing dealerships selling above MSRP, despite legal obstacles posed by state laws protecting dealership independence.

Accusations of GM favoring YouTubers and VIPs in the allocation process call for firm action. Enthusiasts believe GM's response is crucial for maintaining their loyalty, which might waver due to the rising costs and perceived inequity.

As GM navigates the balance between supply, demand, and customer satisfaction, its strategies will impact the bond with its dedicated fanbase. Ensuring a fair and enthusiast-friendly Corvette Z06 allocation process is deemed key for preserving the allegiance of its most ardent fans.

ACS Spotlight: Elevate Your C8 Stingray with Z06 Canards!

Our latest C8 Corvette Stingray mod, the ACS C8 Stingray Z06 Canards (part number 50-4-132), dramatically boosts the front-end downforce, enhancing your track experience. Yet, even off the track, this mod will give your Stingray a Z06 makeover, turning heads wherever you go.

Manufacturing and Installation

Constructed from our PC Composite and finished in Carbon Flash Metallic Black, the ACS C8 Stingray Z06 Canards blend seamlessly with your Corvette. For installation tips, check out our tutorial video where Joseph guides you through the process. Dive deeper into the ACS C8 Stingray Z06 Canards on our product page.

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