Genuine ACS Composite Products

How to Identify Genuine ACS Composite Products

ACS Composite products are exclusively available through our authorized resellers or directly from our official website. Counterfeit products may look similar but compromise on installation, quality, and durability.

The Risks of Counterfeit Products

While counterfeit items might resemble ACS products and even include photocopies of our instructions, they lack in genuine quality. These products:

  • Use low-grade resins
  • Lack dimensional accuracy and mounting points
  • Vibrate at high speeds
  • Potentially shatter at high velocities


Safe Online Shopping Tips

  • Buy Direct: Purchase directly from the manufacturer for genuine products.
  • Authorized Resellers: If not buying direct, ensure the reseller is authorized.
  • Check Business Reputation: Use tools like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Business Longevity: How long has the business been operational?
  • Physical Address: Ensure the website lists a genuine physical address.
  • Customer Support: Gauge their responsiveness through calls, chats, or emails.

Objective Third-Party Lab Tests

Munro and Associates conducted independent tests comparing ACS parts with others. Here's a glimpse:

Munro machines