Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeit Parts

Is this a real ACS Composite product?

ACS Composite products can only be purchased through an authorized ACS reseller (ask us we will let you know if they are authorized), or buy directly from

Counterfeit products and their packaging are extremely close in appearance to ACS products, many will include photocopies of ACS instructions and literature. The tradeoff is the installation, quality and durability. Most will state OEM quality, but do not have a track record of producing components for OEM's such as GM and Ford. 

As such, they are using low grade resins, they are not dimensionally accurate, lack mounting points, and most important will vibrate at high speed--defeating the whole purpose of an aero component (now you’re really drilling holes for nothing). In worst case scenarios, they shatter at high speeds.

Counterfeiters go to great lengths to make their products and websites look like genuine products. They include unbiased quality standards and will use similar terminology to confuse consumers into a perceived great deal.  

With the growth of eCommerce, websites are being made within hours, it is increasingly becoming difficult for consumers to correctly evaluate their choices.

One must exercise caution when buying a performance part from any website based on a few images. Just like you would visit the store in person, talk to the sales rep, see the product first hand, you must also conduct even greater research as now people can hide behind their presentation.

Low quality aero components are a safety hazard and can cause serious harm and injury if failure occurs at high speed. Most fake panels are made overseas using sub-par manufacturing methods with little testing or durability experience. In contrast, most web listings are well made, so how can a consumer protect themselves?

Knowledge and research is the answer.

Here are six general web shopping tips to help you safely browse and shop automotive performance parts:

1)    Buy direct! Nothing beats buying direct because should there ever be an issue you will deal with the manufacturer instead of getting the run-around from someone simply selling their stuff from their couch.
2)    If you can’t buy directly from the manufacturer, then make sure you are buying from an authorized reseller. Most times you can find a list of resellers on the manufacturer’s website.
3) the Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that tracks the business activities of businesses related to claims against them for fraud, customer maltreatment, etc. It’s a tool that can save your wallet!
4)    How many years has the business been established?
5)    Is a physical address present on the website?
6)    Do they answer the phone, chat support, emails in a timely manner?

Let the numbers speak

Munro and Associates, a third-party independent lab, acquired a set of parts from a random manufacturer EOS and ACS for comparative testing.

Below is a third-party independent lab test performed by Munro and Associates, along with our comparative review of a part next to replica.

Watch Sandy’s commentary on the results

Want to hear more about an ACS product vs a fake?

Give us a call 1-888-227-2270 or email us at and we will be happy to further discuss the differences between ACS products and others.