Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS Composite) is an OEM validated composite manufacturer that specializes in RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding). ACS assists its customers in product development, design, engineering, manufacturing, tooling and fabrication. We offer low to high volume composite manufacturing coupled with robotic trimming and bonding, as well as finishing and priming services.

Every ACS product, whether manufactured for the OEM's or for the aftermarket is engineered and validated to meet stringent performance and quality standards. With its in-house design, tooling and manufacturing capabilities, ACS is the leader in the aero performance sector.

With nearly 250,000 composite components built for various OEM automotive customers, ACS excels in a market where high quality meets competitive costing. We applied this experience and applied it to new applications whereby we can achieve lightweight, aero-efficient, durable components.

ACS Composite
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Montreal, Qc, Canada
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