Chevrolet C7 Corvette Widebody Kits | ACS Composite

A widebody does exactly what the name suggests -- Widens the body of the car. A widebody can be put on the front and on the rear of the car, or both! A rear widebody is most common as it creates that signature sportscar look of a narrower front and a wider rear. Widebodies are especially popular on cars with a lot of rear power, but poor grip due to smaller tires. A widebody will help increase the tire size, and subsequently its grip.

ACS Composite widebodies are all bolt-on panels that do not require additional bodywork. That means you can install these widebodies from the comfort of your home with basic garage tools. 


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Coupe Rear Widebody

C7 Stingray

$3,899.00 USD
Coupe Rear Widebody, Z06 Scoop

C7 Stingray

$3,899.00 USD $4,999.00 USD
Convertible Rear Widebody

C7 Stingray

$3,899.00 USD $3,999.00 USD
Z06 Taillights - Brake Lights for C7 Stingray

C7 Stingray Corvette Z06

$749.00 USD