Product Care Instructions

CFZ Wax - Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax

Keep your Corvette & ACS products looking sharp with our ACS Composite CFZ Wax. This treatment is essential for maintaining, restoring, and prolonging the lifespan of your Corvette's Carbon Flash Metallic Black painted parts.

Steps to apply CFZ Wax:

  1. Clean: Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust or debris.
  2. Apply: Using the applicator provided, apply the CFZ Wax directly onto the painted surface.
  3. Dry: Allow the wax to dry to a haze.
  4. Buff: Using a clean microfiber cloth, gently buff the surface until it shines.

Repeat this process once a month or as needed to maintain the appearance and durability of your Corvette's Carbon Flash Metallic Black painted parts for a best in show finish.

Benefits of using CFZ Wax:

  • Fills and conceals minor rock chipping on Carbon Flash Black paint.
  • Prevents white hazing against black paint.
  • Can be applied by hand or double-action polisher.
  • Includes a FREE microfiber cloth!

ReNew - Plastic and Rubber Maintainer & Protector

Enhance and protect the look and appearance of all plastic and rubber trim in your car with ACS Composite's ReNew. This is perfect for restoring the appearance of tires, wheel caps, cargo, trunk and floor liners, rubber gaskets, and the underside of our splitters, rockers, and rock guards.

Steps to apply ReNew:

  1. Clean: If the surface is extremely dirty, pre-wash using your preferred products, then rinse and let dry.
  2. Spray: Apply ReNew directly on the surface or onto a microfiber cloth or applicator pad.
  3. Spread: Evenly distribute the product on the surface.
  4. Dry: Wipe dry for a matte finish or let dry for a shiny finish.

Reapply as needed to maintain the appearance and durability of your car's rubber and plastic trims.

Benefits of using ReNew:

  • Can be used on the interior and exterior.
  • Body shop safe (silicon free).
  • Helps maintain the look and appearance of vinyl, rubber, leather, and plastic.
  • Leaves a dry matte or shiny finish with a fragrant scent.
  • Finish lasts up to 30 days and resists detergents.

By using both the CFZ Wax and ReNew, you can keep your Corvette looking as good as new. Regular maintenance and care will not only improve the look of your car but also prolong the lifespan of its parts. Start giving your Corvette the care it deserves today!