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Corvette News Summary | December 2021

Corvette News Summary | December 2021 Edition

UPDATED: Corvette News Summary | January 2022

Last month was eventful for Corvette owners, lovers, and even General Motors. Ranging from new updates to tours, from stunts to awards. It just keeps getting exciting. Of course, Corvette has been in the news, more so with more details coming in about the 2023 Corvette ZO6. The Corvette keeps living up to its name as, "America's sports car," even on the racetrack.

Here's what happened with Corvettes in December:

2023 Corvette Z06 Units Spotted

Images of a truck filled with 2023 Corvette Z06 units being loaded onto a car trailer, providing the first shots of the Z on a trailer like this.

C8 Z06 Corvettes being loaded onto a trailer truck. Source: GM Authority

C8 Z06 Corvettes being loaded onto a trailer truckSource: GM Authority

However, these Z06s aren't being delivered to a dealership since those deliveries won't start for until next year. It is suggested that these particular Z06 cars were off to Michigan. 

These 2023 Corvette Z06s will almost certainly spend time on the 2.90-mile, 17-turn road course known as the "Lutz Ring at Milford," which was created to test a vehicle's motor, suspension, and brakes to their extreme limits.

Chevrolet Proving Grounds test area. Source:

Chevrolet Proving Grounds test area. Source:

The C8 Corvette Stingray is Japan's “Performance Car of the Year”

The C8 Corvette Stingray received high marks from the Car of the Year Executive Committee in Japan for its unique mid-engine layout, excellent handling characteristics, and strong V8 engine. The C8 Corvette was hailed for its everyday use and cheap price point given its outstanding performance metrics.

Tadashi Wakamatsu, the President of GM Japan, said in a statement that the C8 Corvette has earned universal recognition and that they are honored to accept the award.

Chevrolet Japan posing by a C8 Corvette after winning Car of the Year in Japan

Chevrolet Japan posing by a C8 Corvette after winning Car of the Year in Japan

The new Corvette C8 made its Japanese debut in Tokyo in January 2020, with sales beginning in May 2021. Not only is the C8 Corvette the first full-production Corvette with a mid-engine, but it is also the first Chevrolet Corvette constructed in right-hand drive direct from the factory, making it suitable for such markets as Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

At ACS, we have had a slight increase in shipments to Japan as well for C8 parts, so customers overseas are definitely enjoying the car as much as we are in North America!

Source: GM Media Japan

Chevrolet plans to start C8 Corvette Z06 Dealer's Tour in 2022

The C8 Corvette Dealers Tour was one of Chevy's innovative marketing strategies in conjunction with the debut of the innovative mid-engine Corvette in 2019. Dealers might conduct a one- or two-day event featuring the new C8 Corvette. The event would involve a Corvette specialist presenting the car, as well as a variety of exhibits showcasing the Corvette's available colors, choices, upholstery, and wheels.

Several dealers reported a large turnout of thousands of individuals checking out the innovative mid-engine Corvette. There were rumors that Chevrolet would be returning to the road with the Z06. It was confirmed by a Chevrolet spokesperson who stated that the Tour will commence in 2022. 

That is great news for Corvette fans out there. If there's one thing we know about Corvette owners it's that they love exploring all the options available to them when ordering their Corvettes. The plethora of options are growing to the Corvette Accessory line, so it will be exciting learn along with the Tour.

Source: CorvetteBlogger

2023 Corvette Z06 Spoilers from Chevrolet

In other news, Chevrolet sent an email to everyone on its mailing list for the C8 Corvette Z06 outlining the design and art of the next American sports vehicle. 

The email was headlined "The All-New 2023 Corvette Z06 – Sculpted for Flight," and the email's links were directed to an unlisted Chevrolet video that includes a piece of the Z06's live announcement video.

We compared the differences between the C8 Stingray and the C8 Z06 in our last blog, if you are not up to date on the latest options for the C8 Z06. You can read it here

GM extends 1st service visit for C8 Corvette Owners: Now 36 months!

General Motors is extending its first service for C8 Corvettes to 36 months. Twelve months was the previous period. It is a good idea to keep the free service visit for when you need to replace the transmission filter, as transmission filter replacement might cost several hundred dollars or more. This typically occurs at the 7500 mile mark.

Youtube's Rick 'Corvette' Conti jumps his C8 Corvette

Dressed in an Evel Knievel suit for the occasion, Rick took flight of his Corvette C8 over another to commemorate a successful year. The salesman owns a Rapid Blue convertible and was bold enough to "fly" it over a White mid-engined sports vehicle without a landing pad.

You have to love his enthusiasm for bringing light-hearted content to the Corvette world! We sure love Rick over at ACS. You can check out the video below:

A Custom-Build like No Other! C2 Corvette Meets C8 Corvette

In an unlikely pairing, one Chevy fan is attempting to create a custom C8 Corvette Stingray: C2 body panels on a C8!

While the C8 Corvette project is challenging to accomplish, the person behind it appears to know exactly what they're doing. We surely hope they understand what they're doing, especially since they started with a completely new C8 Corvette. We have this saying around the office when a customer asks if something is possible, and it goes something like this, "If time and money are not an issue, then anything is possible".


A Red C8 Midengine Corvette being converted with C2 Corvette body panels.

A Red C8 Midengine Corvette being converted with C2 Corvette body panels.


Retro mods are not really my thing, but you have to admire someone's dedication and vision and ability to bring something to life! 

Source: GM Authority

Corvette assembly commences operations after the Kentucky tornado.  

Customers who had their Corvettes damaged by the tornado that devastated the Corvette Assembly Plant on December 11th, are being notified by Chevrolet dealers.

According to the Corvette Action Center, approximately 115 Corvettes, "were irreparably damaged and are being demolished,". It is said that, GM is wrecking any vehicle that shows signs of damage from the tornado.


According to the Corvette Action Center, completed Corvettes "stored outside the factory waiting to be shipped are presently being inspected for damage." Those automobiles are on hold and would not be delivered to their various dealers until a comprehensive damage assessment is performed."

Automated custom order updates for Corvette buyers

Chevrolet has initiated the automation of Corvette order notifications depending on "event status levels for Corvette". The new Client Notification Program keeps customers informed about the progress of their orders. Customers can be alerted by email or text message based on the changes to the Event Status.

Your dealer will take your email address or cell number and once your car hits Event Status 3000 (Your order is accepted), you will start receiving automated alerts.

Technical Warning: Radar detectors can damage the C8's side mirror glass.

GM has issued a Service Bulletin on the issue with the mirrors, which they claim was triggered by the inclusion of an extra radar detector inside the car. According to the GM Techlink article, a greater than permissible voltage affects the door mirror's defrosting system, causing the damage.

According to the Techlink article, the technician ought to look for a jumper harness installed on the interior rearview mirror's X1 connector to power the radar detector. Unfortunately, the connector is hidden under the rearview mirror's front cover.

The solution is to detach the jumper harness, then replace the damaged external mirror, but this must be done with the owner's permission. 

Corvette re-asserts its commitment to provide two cars for 24 hours of Daytona

Tommy Milner, Nick Tandy, and Corvette Racing rookie Marco Sorensen will pilot the No. 4 Corvette C8.R at next month's 24 Hours of Daytona. Sorensen, a former Aston Martin factory driver and multiple FIA World Endurance champion in the GTE Pro class, lends a great deal of experience to the Pratt Miller-run squad.

Two C8 Corvettes leading a competitor at the 24H Rolex Daytona.

Two C8 Corvettes leading a competitor at the 24H Rolex Daytona.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for me to be a part of this team and work together to get the result that everyone desires - which is, of course, winning," Sorensen was quoted saying. "I admire Corvette Racing's approach. It has a fantastic automobile, and from what I've heard, there are some fantastic people with whom I'll be collaborating. So this is something I'm really looking forward to."

The Corvette C8.R has updated its features to comply with the new GT3 regulations, with new aerodynamics and an ABS system, along with many other alterations. On Saturday, January 29th, 2022, the competition will begin.

Source: GM Authority

That's all for the month of December! Stay tuned for our January report. If you are a first time reader of our news round-up, then make sure you sign up to our newsletter, as we send our a email each month recapping everything that happened in the previous month regarding all things Corvette, so you can stay up to date at a glace!


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