Corvette News Summary | February 2023

Corvette News Summary | February 2023

Chevy MyWay: National Corvette Museum Delivery Experience (R8C)

Chevrolet's Corvette Expert Sessions recently featured their unique delivery option that allows buyers to fully immerse themselves in the Corvette lifestyle.

With the RPO code R8C, buyers can pick up their new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, attend exclusive events, and take a guided tour of the town.

Corvettes on a transport outside the National Corvette Museum
A C7 white with red hash mark Corvette inside the national corvette museum

The museum is not just a place to pick up your new car; it's a hub for Corvette enthusiasts to connect and learn about the brand's racing heritage. Opt for the National Corvette Museum delivery to make your Corvette journey even more exciting and memorable.

Corvette Production Delayed due to Parts Shortage at Bowling Green Plant

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant, where Corvettes are manufactured, was shut down in February due to a parts shortage. This news has disappointed many Corvette enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for their new cars.

Bowling Green employees assembling a C7 Corvette

Some users on Corvette forums expressed frustration at the delay, with one saying, "Feels like 2020 again." However, others remained optimistic and saw the shutdown as an opportunity for a smoother production process going forward.

It's unclear what specific parts are causing the shortage, but it could be as simple as a missing rivet for a panel. Regardless, production delays have become less frequent in recent months, which overall is a good sign!

Jesse Iwuji Sets World Record with a 10.4s Quarter-Mile Run in Stock C8 Z06

Want to take your Corvette C8 to the drag strip? Jesse Iwuji, a professional race car driver and Corvette enthusiast, recently set a new world record with a stock C8 Z06 (with drag radials) at the quarter-mile mark. He clocked in a blazing 10.4 seconds at 134 mph.

In his latest video, Jesse shares his tips and tricks for achieving the perfect launch control settings to maximize your C8's performance at the drag strip. He explains how to adjust launch RPM and slip percentage to dial in the perfect launch for your specific track and tire combination.

This informative video is a must-watch for any Corvette owner looking to hit the drag strip and learn about the C8's launch control system. Don't miss out on the chance to unlock your C8's full potential!

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Ron Fellows Driving School Gets Ready for High-Performance C8 Z06 Courses

The Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club has exciting news for Corvette enthusiasts. The driving school recently announced that they have received several brand new C8 Z06s for their high-performance driving courses.

The school, founded by Corvette racing legend Ron Fellows, is well-known for its programs designed to help drivers improve their skills and learn how to handle high-performance vehicles safely.

Images posted on the school's social media accounts show the new C8 Z06s being unloaded from a transport truck and covered in protective white covers in the school's garage bays. These high-performance vehicles are expected to be unveiled for the upcoming courses, which will open in April.

If you're a Corvette enthusiast looking to experience the power and performance of the C8 Z06 or improve your driving skills, the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School is definitely worth checking out!

New C8 Z06 5V5 Visible Carbon Fiber Spoiler Revealed

The highly-anticipated C8 Z06 5V5 Spoiler in visible carbon fiber has finally been revealed! Thanks to the Midengine Corvette Forum, we now have a sneak peek at this accessory that has been causing a buzz among Corvette enthusiasts.

The low-profile spoiler comes with a price tag of $5,995 and is an LPO option that includes free PDI dealer installation when ordered with the carbon. However, if you're willing to wait for six months, GM is offering $5,000 rewards dollars that can be used towards most of the cost. The community is discussing the pros and cons of buying aftermarket accessories versus OEM ones, and some are put off by the high price tag.

The Corvette team has reported that the C8 Z06 5V5 Spoiler provides more downforce than the standard Z06 spoiler in street driving setup (small wickers), and less drag than the standard Z06 spoiler in track setup (large wickers). This new spoiler is likely to impress those looking for both style and functionality.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these carbon fiber spoilers, you might want to act fast. Given the production challenges we've seen in the past with exposed carbon fiber items, heading to the aftermarket could be the quickest way to secure one.

Color Renaissance Ahead for Corvette: GM's Global Color Director

For the past 25 years, grayscale colors have dominated the automotive industry, but that's about to change. Jennifer Widrick, General Motors' Director of Global Color, predicts a resurgence of chromatic colors in the next few years, including a renewed interest in two-tone schemes. Widrick's team predicts color preferences up to five years out, meaning they're looking at model year 2028.

riptide-blue-metallic-gjv swatch
Riptide Blue Metallic (GJV)
amplify-orange-gc5 swatch
Amplify Orange (GC5)

According to GM's paint supplier BASF, vibrant primary and compound colors from red and blue to orange and green are due to make a comeback. Some of these shades, like yellow, green, orange, and violet, are already on the rise.

arctic-white-g8g swatch
Arctic White (G8G)
torch-red-gkz swatch
Torch Red (GKZ)

While classic black, torch red, and arctic white Corvettes are still popular, there's hope on the horizon for more vibrant hues. Blue, which has achieved fourth place for two consecutive years, is the highest place any other color has achieved since 2008. It's too early to say that colorful paints are here to stay, but it's certainly a promising start.

cacti-gvr swatch
Cacti (GVR)
Sea Wolf Gray Tri-coat (GXA)

This trend towards more vibrant and colorful car colors could be a sign of shifting consumer preferences and a desire for more individuality and personal expression in the automotive industry. As an aftermarket manufacturer specializing in providing mods for your Corvettes and expressing your own design visions, a fresh new batch of colors is something we can get behind!

Up Close with the 2024 Corvette E-Ray 3LZ HTC in Cacti

Speaking of new colors.Get an exclusive up-close look at the 2024 Corvette E-Ray 3LZ HTC in Cacti with AutoJeff Reviews! This new color is a getting some mixed reviews from Corvette fans, but this never before seen iteration is making the color a little more interesting to us...

front view of the C8 E-Ray in Cacti
Side intakes on the C8 E-Ray in Carbon flash on cacti

This Cacti version of the E-Ray features Carbon Flash trim, which creates a stunning contrast against the pale green body color. This is the first time the E-Ray has been seen with this unique trim option. Typically, the E-Ray trim is always matching in body color.

2024 E-Ray in Cacti from the Chevrolet Visualizer

If you are interested in learning more about the 2024 Corvette E-Ray, check out last month's Corvette News Summary E-Ray Edition, which is dedicated to all the facets of the E-Ray.

Rearview of the C8 E-Ray in Cacti
C8 E-Ray Cacti rear view

2023 Corvette Z06 Shatters Records in Car and Driver's Lightning Lap

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 made automotive history by setting a new lap record of 2:38.6 at the Lightning Lap 2023. With a 670-horsepower LT6 V-8 engine and weighing in at 3646 pounds, the Z06 is the best street-legal Corvette in the market.

Rear view of a Rapid blue C8 z06 on the track
Car and Driver

The Z06's remarkable chassis and handling, capable of 1.22 g's in Turn 1, and average speed of 133.4 mph when climbing the esses, are made possible by its balanced chassis and optional carbon-fiber wheels. These wheels reduce unsprung mass by 41 pounds, resulting in almost no understeer at any speed.

Despite having 85 fewer horsepower and a lower peak speed on the Front Straight, the Z06's impressive lap time beat the previous Corvette ZR1's record by nearly a second. This achievement makes the Z06 the fifth fastest car in Lightning Lap history and the best lap time ever achieved by a naturally aspirated engine.

Rear view of a Rapid blue C8 z06 on the track
Car and Driver

Watch the full lighting lap at the Virginia International Raceway to see for yourself why the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a masterpiece that will leave you in awe.

GM Achieves Record Profits with Help from Corvette Stingray and Z06

Corvette enthusiasts rejoice! General Motors' latest financial results show that the C8 Corvette has contributed to the company's record profit of $14.5 billion in 2022.

Bowling Green, the facility where Corvettes are assembled, played a significant role in driving innovation and delivering new technology that helped boost the company's overall success. In fact, the mid-engine Corvette Stingray and Z06 were particularly popular and helped drive GM's record profits.

GM CEO Mary Barra credited the hard work of the approximately 42,300 hourly workers, including some at Bowling Green, for the company's success. These workers are set to receive a profit-sharing check of up to $12,750 each, showing GM's commitment to its employees.

The iconic American sports car continues to thrive and make waves in the industry. Keep driving and enjoying the ride!

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C8 E-Ray: Corvette Chief Engineer Shares Exciting Details on Corvette Today #150

If you're curious about the upcoming C8 E-Ray, Corvette Today's Steven Garrett had a chance to chat with Josh Holder, Corvette Chief Engineer. Here are some key highlights from their discussion:

  • The C8 E-Ray packs a punch with an electric motor that adds 160 horsepower to produce a combined output of 655 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque.
  • Its all-season tires are the widest ever made for a production Corvette, providing four-season capability without compromising on dry traction performance.
  • The battery of the C8 E-Ray is built with a modular construction that includes the power electronics for the front drive motor, making assembly more efficient at the Bowling Green plant.
  • With its added power delivery to the front axle, the C8 E-Ray's performance isn't impacted by its added mass, and it offers an overall improved driving experience.
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ACS Spotlight: Introducing Our First C8 Stingray Diffuser!

If you're a Corvette enthusiast like us, you know that a great diffuser can take your car to the next level. That's why we're thrilled to announce our latest product: the ACS C8 Stingray Diffuser Insert.

Carbon Flash ACS C8 Diffuser Inserts on Black Corvette
Black C8 Stingray with ACS C8 Stingray Diffuser Insert

Our team of designers worked tirelessly to create a diffuser that not only enhances the existing design element of the C8's rear valence, but also adds a touch of aggression with three fins on each side. The central protruding section is the main design feature, and we've extended it outwards slightly to make a bold statement.

ACSC 8 Stingray Diffuser in Carbon Flash Metallic on Torch Red Stingray
ACS C8 Diffuser Inserts in Carbon Flash on White Pearl C8 Corvette

The ACS C8 Stingray Diffuser Insert is available in a variety of body colors to match or contrast with your Corvette. And if you prefer a stock look, we offer the Carbon Flash Metallic Black option to blend seamlessly into the stock C8 diffuser color.

Head to our product page to learn more about the ACS C8 Stingray Diffuser Insert and take your Corvette to the next level.

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