Corvette News Summary | July 2023

Corvette News Summary | July 2023

2024 Corvette C8: Highlights from the Latest Order Guide!

Attention Corvette aficionados! The 2024 C8 Corvette Order Guide is out early, unveiling a treasure trove of features for the upcoming model.

Artemis interior
Artemis interior
Artemis interior
"Every Corvette enthusiast's key to the latest and greatest — the 2024 Order Guide is the roadmap for building your Corvette."
Screenshot of the 2024 Corvette C8 Order Guide
2024 Corvette C8 Order Guide screenshot
  • Introducing the electrifying 2024 E-Ray model.
  • Eye-catching body shades: Riptide Metallic Blue, Cacti, and Sea Wolf.
  • Luxurious Artemis interior and universal Carbon Flash Black.
  • Enhanced safety with features like Following Distance Indicator and Forward Collision Alert.
  • Standout additions: Tech Bronze Accent Package and Visible Carbon Fiber Sill Plates.
A render of the a C8 Corvette E-ray in Sea Wolf Gray Tri-Coat
Sea Wolf Gray Tri-Coat
A render of a C8 Corvette E-Ray in Cacti
A render of a C8 Corvette in Riptide Blue Metallic
Riptide Blue Metallic

Eager to know every detail? Grab the comprehensive 2024 Corvette Order Guide here and lead the Corvette conversation!

Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City: Chevrolet's 2022 Top Dealer

Renowned for its commitment to luxury sports car enthusiasts, Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City clinches Chevrolet's esteemed "Dealer of the Year" title for 2022.

Despite no longer being the world's largest Corvette dealership, Ciocca Corvette's stellar service and growth make them shine - ranking in the top 60 out of 2,904 Chevrolet dealers!

Plus, their dedication earned them the Chevrolet Mark of Excellence Award this year. A testament to their unwavering performance and customer focus.

"Cheers to the Ciocca Corvette team for consistently making Corvette dreams come true. Stellar work!"

2024 R8C Corvette Museum Delivery: New Price, Timeless Experience

Chevrolet's 2024 Corvette pricing reveals the R8C Museum Delivery now stands at $1,495—a 50% surge. But to Corvette enthusiasts, the immersive experience justifies the tag.

Collecting your Corvette from the iconic National Corvette Museum isn't just about ownership—it's an event. Your personal NCM Host dives deep into every intricate feature of your Corvette, letting you savor the luxury of your sports car.

Benefits? Your Corvette gets prime real estate on Corvette Boulevard, exclusive museum tours, custom plaques, and professionally captured memories of your first moments with your vehicle.

Looking back: R8C pricing began at $490 in the C6 era, touched $990 with C7 in 2014, and was $995 during the C8's 2020 launch. With the standard delivery fee, the total now comes to $2,890.

"The R8C Museum Delivery experience, though pricier, still echoes the enduring allure of the Corvette tradition."

For more on the R8C Museum Delivery Program, check out Chevy MyWay's insightful showcase.

Pricing Unveiled: 2024 Corvette E-Ray's ZER Performance Package

Amid the rising excitement for the 2024 Corvette E-Ray pricing reveal, we have an early scoop on the ZER Performance Package.

The 2024 E-Ray's 1LZ Coupe is priced at $104,295, with the 1LZ Convertible at $111,295. But all eyes are on the ZER Performance Package, boasting Michelin's performance tires and an E-Ray specialized FED Suspension. Plus, fans of carbon fiber wheels, the ZER isn't obligatory to get them. We are still waiting to hear about the specifics on the FED suspension details.

ZER Package Cost

Our sources indicate this top-tier package is available for a mere $500.

Wheel Selections and Pricing

  • Standard: Pearl Nickel Forged Aluminum
  • Carbon Flash (Machined Edges): $995
  • Bright Polished: $1,495
  • Gloss Black: $495
  • Carbon Fiber (Z06-style): $9,995/$11,995
  • Carbon Fiber (Red Stripe Edition): $13,500
Bright Polished C8 E-Ray Wheel
Bright Polished | SOM
Visible Carbon Fiber with red strip wheel
Visible Carbon Fiber with Red Stripe | STZ
Carbon Flash with Machined Edge C8 E-Ray wheel
Carbon Flash with Machined Edge | ROX
Visible Carbon Fiber C8 E-Ray wheel ROZ
Visible Carbon Fiber | ROZ
Pearl Nickel C8 E-Ray wheel
Pearl Nickle | ROU
Gloss Black C8 E-Ray wheel
Gloss Black | SON
"Remember, these are preliminary figures—await Chevrolet's confirmation for the finalized 2024 Corvette pricing!"

2023 Corvette Z06 Wraps and 2024 Model Debuts on Sept 12th

A shift in the Corvette timeline has been spotted, thanks to insights from Chevy dealer Ken Fitchner via the MidEngineCorvetteForum.

2023 Corvette Z06 being made
2023 Corvette Z06 being assembled
"Chevrolet's last call for 2023 Corvette Z06 orders is here. Few dealers have Z06 slots left, and the Corvette Assembly Plant takes orders until July 31st—hinting at a Stingray order close."

Chevrolet extends the 2023 Corvette's run to September 12th, a possible play to surpass the 1979 Corvette's production milestone. Mark the date! Chevrolet plans to phase out the '23s and introduce the '24s on the same day.

GM Revamps 2024 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray Rewards and No-Flip Policy

GM has made pivotal changes to the 2024 Z06 and E-Ray strategy. The company has revised its "No-Flip" policy and halted its unique loyalty rewards for these models.

Chevrolet My Reward Points logo

No More Exclusive Rewards

Previously, GM had offered significant reward points to deter new vehicle flips. However, for the 2024 lineup, Chevrolet will grant My Chevy Rewards points based on the vehicle's purchase price. The bonus for retaining the Z06 or E-Ray beyond six months is discontinued.

A Chevrolet representative mentioned, "For the 2024 model, there won't be any special My Chevrolet Rewards for the Corvette Z06. Additionally, any 2024 Corvette Z06 sold within six months of its delivery will see related warranties invalidated."

This policy also holds for the 2024 Corvette E-Ray.

Policy History

Earlier, Chevrolet required a 12-month ownership for reward eligibility, shortened to six months for the Z06. However, post the Speed Phenom issue due to a registration snag, 2023 Corvette Z06 owners can claim rewards after a six-month hold if registered by December 1st.

2024 Corvette Z06: Gas Guzzler Tax Details Unveiled

Corvette enthusiasts, the 2024 Z06 pricing mystery is solved! Chevrolet has clarified the "See Dealer for Pricing" prompt was due to the unlisted Gas Guzzler tax. And good news: the tax remains unchanged from 2023.

Model Gas Guzzler Tax
Base Z06 $2,600
Z06 with Z07 Package $3,000

The Gas Guzzler tax, targeting less fuel-efficient cars since 1978, is applied based on MPG ratings. The base Z06 offers 15 MPG, while the Z06 with the Z07 package gives 14 MPG. With these details, Corvette fans can confidently configure their 2024 Z06 choices.

screenshot of a redmist c8 corvette z06 being configured

2024 Corvette: Dive into New Colors & Features for Stingray and Z06!

Corvette enthusiasts, gear up! Chevrolet has kick-started orders for the 2024 Corvette Stingray and Z06, boasting fresh exterior shades and diverse wheel options. The evolution of the Corvette range promises thrills with no constraints for Z51/Non-Z51 Stingray models.

Stingray's 2024 Color Breakdown

Colors Available Units
Riptide Blue Metallic 32
Cacti Green Coming Soon!
Sea Wolf 8

Z06's 2024 Highlights

Like its Stingray sibling, the Z06 flaunts fresh hues, paired with Aero/Z07 components for a custom luxury touch.

  • Riptide Blue Metallic - 15 units
  • Cacti Green - Unavailable
  • Sea Wolf - 4 units

2024 Corvette Z06 Revs Up Australia: Premium Pricing Meets Elite Features

Attention, Aussie Corvette fans! The 2024 Corvette Z06 has landed with a distinctive flair. Exclusively offered via General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) at AU$336,000 (~$228,795), its on-road costs approach AU$350,000 (~$238,329) — a notable step up from the Stingray.

Torch Red C8 Corvette Stingray
RH drive C8 Corvette Stingray in Torch Red

"The Corvette Z06: Australia's unique automotive gem." - Greg Rowe, GMSV director

Aussie-Styled Powerhouse

The Z06 tailored for Australia boasts a European touch: A 5.5-liter V8 engine yielding 475 kW (637 hp) and revamped exhausts located at the bumper's ends.

Exclusive 3LZ Coupe

This elite variant dazzles with carbon fiber accents, opulent leather finishes, and GT2 sport bucket seats. Z07 Performance Pack details to be unveiled soon.

Comparative Edge

With its limited Aussie availability, the Corvette Z06 offers unparalleled value, outshining rivals like the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS and undercutting the McLaren Artura.

Ron Fellows Breaks Record with 2023 Corvette Z06 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Canadian racing legend Ron Fellows proved the might of the 2023 Corvette Z06, smashing a new lap record at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Track. This achievement magnifies Chevrolet's dominant year in motorsports and underlines the Z06's unmatched capabilities.

"Seeing Ron in the Z06 is sheer artistry — the ultimate synergy of racer and machine."

Who is Ron Fellows?

A titan in Canadian motorsport, Ron Fellows has stormed circuits from NASCAR to the Rolex Sports Car Series. Beyond the track, he mentors enthusiasts at the Ron Fellows Driving School, perfecting their Corvette driving skills.

Catch the Thrill

Experience Ron's mastery firsthand as he pushes the Corvette Z06 to the max. Watch the exhilarating video below.

In Conclusion

Both Ron Fellows and the Corvette stand tall as motorsport icons. Their combined brilliance promises thrilling achievements ahead, reinforcing Corvette's legacy and Ron's unmatched skill.

ACS Unveils C8 Coupe Rear Intake Ports | 50-4-122

A new way to customize your C8 Corvette – E-Ray, Z06, or Stingray Coupe with our latest c8 bodykit gem.

side view of a C8 Corvette with ACS C8 Rear Intake Ports installed

Effortless Aggresion!

Closeup of the ACS C8 Rear Intake Ports

Discover the ACS C8 Rear Intake Ports. Easy to install and secure, these ports enhance airflow into the engine bay without drilling. They're more than just a visual upgrade!

Unmatched Durability

Torch Red C8 Corvette Stingray Coupe

Crafted from our signature PC Composite material, these ports resist high temperatures and wear.

Personalize Your Look

Select from the classic Carbon Flash Metallic Black or Primer for a unique paint touch. Specialized color matches are available, with custom orders taking extra time and cost. Queries? Contact

Dive Deeper

Learn more about our C8 Corvette Coupe Rear Intake Ports in our full product breakdown.

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