rearview of the c8 corvette coupe hatch with ACS RQ Intake Ports installed in Sebring Orange

Unveiling the New C8 Corvette Coupe Intake Ports: Boost Your Performance with ACS Composite

What are Intake Ports?

In the evolving landscape of vehicle modifications, Corvette owners are leading the pack. With the infusion of technology, these modifications transcend beyond mere aesthetics, they revolutionize the very core of a vehicle's performance. A standout amongst such transformative modifications is the air intake port.

A product render of the ACS C8 Coupe RQ Intake Ports A product render of the ACS C8 Coupe RQ Intake Ports

Air intake ports, the unsung heroes of engine efficiency, perform the vital function of increasing airflow into the engine compartment. By doing so, they curb heat accumulation, optimizing engine operation and bolstering performance.

profile view of a Sebring Orange C8 Corvette with the ACS RQ Intake Ports installed

Excitingly, we're launching our latest innovative performance mod, the C8 Corvette Coupe RQ Intake Ports [50-4-122]. These intake ports are tailored to fit your Corvette like a glove and are designed to redefine your driving experience. With ACS Composite's signature commitment to quality, performance, and style, our new RQ Intake Ports promise to take your Corvette to new heights of performance and elegance.

Unveiling the ACS Composite C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports

A product render of the ACS C8 Coupe RQ Intake Ports installed A product render of the ACS C8 Coupe RQ Intake Ports installed closeup

Our ACS C8 RQ Intake Ports, made from durable PC Composite material, deliver an unparalleled boost to your vehicle's performance. By enhancing airflow and reducing heat within the engine bay, these intake ports can contribute the your engine's health. With an easy installation process and a sleek Carbon Flash Black finish, the ACS C8 RQ Intake Ports offer both practical and aesthetic advantages for any Corvette mod enthusiast.

The Technology Behind the ACS C8 RQ Intake Ports

The science

The science behind the ACS C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports is all about efficient air management. These intake ports serve as air scoops on the side of the car, capturing air during motion and directing it into the engine compartment, an area that greatly benefits from cooling. This becomes particularly crucial during high-performance driving, where engine heat management is vital for optimal performance.

Overheard view of the ACS RQ Intake Ports installed on a C8 Corvette Rear shot of the ACS Rq Intake Ports installed on a C8 Corvette in Sebring Orange

By funneling cool, outside air into the engine bay, these intake ports can help maintain a lower ambient temperature around the engine. A cooler engine bay also means less heat soak, a phenomenon where components can absorb excessive heat, negatively affecting their performance and potentially leading to damage over time.

Air intake spot on the C8 Corvette

Furthermore, the intake ports' integrated grill outlets facilitate a forced induction of air while simultaneously still enabling hot air to escape and the keep the functionality of the existing vents apart of the rear hatch. This airflow setup helps create a balanced and cooler environment for your Corvette's engine to operate.

The material

The PC Composite material used in our intake ports is second to none. Combining durability, lightweight properties, and thermal resistance, it stands as the optimal choice for engine components. This material contributes directly to the ports' performance, ensuring they can withstand high temperatures and perform optimally in all conditions.

How to install the ACS Composite C8 Coupe RQ Intake Ports

This is one of the easier mods and bodykit components you will install on your C8 Corvette! All you need is a T15 screwdriver. Here is a quick overview of the install process and the install video:

  • Fully open the rear hatch of the C8
  • Cover up the quarter panel to protect the painted surface
  • Position the RQ Intake Scoop on the top vent
  • From the underside, handtighten the provided T15 screw
  • Once you are happy with the position, fully tighten the screw
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Close the hatch and enjoy!

For a more detailed overview, here is Joseph walking you through the install:

Carbon Flash Black Finish

The ACS Composite’s C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports are not only about enhanced performance; they're also about aesthetic excellence. One of the most striking features of our RQ Intake Ports is the Carbon Flash Black finish. This exquisite finish lends a sophisticated and high-end look to your Corvette, perfectly aligning with its luxury sports car persona.

A Sebring Orange C8 Corvette with ACS Composite products on it

Carbon Flash Black or CFZ is more than just a regular black paint finish. It incorporates a subtle silver metallic flake that gives it a unique depth and texture. From afar, it appears as a sleek gloss black finish, but upon closer inspection, the silver metallic flake catches your eye, adding an unexpected element of intrigue.

Front view of the ACS C8 RQ Intake Ports

The beauty of the Carbon Flash Black finish is not just in its look but also in its versatility. It flawlessly matches all C8 Corvette accent pieces, including the front grill, rear diffuser, and more. The harmonious blend with the rest of your Corvette's design elements makes Carbon Flash Black the highly recommended finish for all Corvette parts.

A Sebring Orange C8 Corvette with ACS Composite products on it

With ACS Composite’s C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports in Carbon Flash Black finish, performance meets elegance. Experience the difference today.

If you are interested in a body-color matched RQ Intake Ports, then reach out to us by email and we can customize a set for you

Vehicle Fitment

The ACS C8 RQ Intake Ports will only fit on all C8 Corvette Coupes including both Z51 and non-z51 models.

  • Z06
  • E-RAY
  • Stingray
NOTE: This product will not fit on the C8 Corvette Convertible (HTC).

Featured builds

Check out these customer builds with the ACS C8 Coupe Rear Quarter Intake Ports:

Why ACS Composite’s C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports are the Ultimate Choice

As you consider the next step in enhancing your Corvette's performance, here are the standout features of our C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports that make them the ideal choice:

  • Performance Enhancement: Our RQ Intake Ports can help direct new cool air into the engine compartment while still maintaining the functionality of the vents by allowing hot air to escape.
  • Easy Installation: Shunning the need for drilling or tape, our RQ Intake Ports offer hassle-free installation. They conveniently attach to the front V-shaped edge of the hatch, fastened securely with a supplied fastener through the outlet grills.
  • Innovative Material: The use of PC Composite material in our product affords unparalleled durability, outperforming traditional fiberglass, carbon, or ABS parts used by other brands. You are assured of longevity, resilience, and peak performance.
  • Stylish Aesthetics: Unlike many aftermarket products, our C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports enhance your Corvette's performance without compromising its visual appeal. They blend seamlessly with your Corvette's design, augmenting its stylish aesthetics.

When it comes to boosting your Corvette's performance, don't just settle - opt for ACS Composite's C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports for the perfect amalgamation of performance, quality, and style.

Ready for a Performance Upgrade?

If you're ready to take your Corvette's performance and style to the next level, we invite you to explore our C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports. With simple installation, superior performance, and an unbeatable aesthetic, this is one upgrade you don't want to miss out on.

Click here to learn more or to purchase your own C8 Corvette RQ Intake Ports. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. At ACS Composite, we are committed to helping you enhance your vehicle with high-quality, performance-driven modifications.

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