Corvette News Summary | September 2023

Corvette News Summary | September 2023

Welcome to the latest ACS Composite Corvette News Summary, your one-stop source for all things Corvette. This edition is packed with exciting updates, from the potential 2025 C8 Corvette's revamped interior design, saying goodbye to the "Great Wall of Buttons," to adrenaline-pumping POV runs with Hennessey's 2023 C8 Corvette Z06. Navigate through the challenges of October 2024's Corvette orders, get the latest on the Corvette E-Ray's production, and witness the unfortunate mishaps with a C8 at a dealership and another on a beach. Plus, Chevy Corvette takes a bow with its top spot in J.D. Power's Multimedia Quality rankings. And in our ACS Spotlight, learn about our newest additions. Dive in for these and more Corvette highlights!

2025 C8 Corvette: Is the Iconic Great Wall of Buttons Retiring?

The 2025 C8 Corvette is set for a transformative interior revamp. Buzz around the automotive community suggests the iconic Great Wall of Buttons might be bidding adieu.

C8 Corvette wall of buttons infotainment

While the design feature, which distinctly separates the driver and passenger with a line of tactile controls, has received mixed reactions, many Corvette enthusiasts have come to adore it for its blend of aesthetics and functionality.

"Everyday C8 Corvette drivers resonate with the Wall of Buttons' unique charm."

Leading automotive voices like MotorTrend and GM Authority hinted at this change since 2021. With the 2025 models nearing, we might see a shift in Corvette's interior design. Speculations are rife about controls potentially moving to central console areas or even the reintroduction of the C7’s renowned passenger grab handle.

Regardless, Chevrolet's design ethos, centralizing the experience around the driver, remains commendable. The Corvette world waits with bated breath for what's next.

Inside Look: Hennessey's 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Post-Break-In Adventure

Hennessey Performance offers an exhilarating glimpse post the crucial 500-mile break-in of their C8 Corvette Z06. Their pristine Hypersonic Gray 2023 3LZ Z06, boasting the z07 package, dazzles as it powers through their tracks.

As Corvette enthusiasts, we're on the edge of our seats awaiting Hennessey's innovations for the C8 Z06 platform. Dive into the thrill with the video below:

October 2024 Corvette Update: Tackling Order Constraints and Potential Delays

As Chevy rolls out its 2024 Corvette Stingray and Z06 orders, some hiccups challenge the process. With a Target Production Week set for 10/9 and strike uncertainties afoot, let's delve into the details.

Constraints are tightening, notably for coveted options. The desire for visible carbon fiber finishes is high, impacting interior trims and engine visuals. Yet, amidst these constraints, there's good news: Z06's Carbon Ceramic Brakes are back in play!

With GM's dealership-size-based tier system, here are the constraints for Stingray and Z06 models:

Corvette Stingray:
  • FA5 Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
  • ZZ3 Engine Appearance Package
  • B6P Carbon Fiber Engine Shield
  • GXA Sea Wolf Gray Metallic
  • Q90 Wheel 5-Spoke Satin Graphite
  • Q9Y Wheel 5-Spoke Silver
  • Z51 Performance Package
Corvette Z06:
  • FA5 Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
  • ZZ3 Engine Appearance Package
  • B6P Carbon Fiber Engine Shield
  • T0G High Wing Visible Carbon Fiber

Remember, these constraints apply to this week's new orders. If the ZZ3 package eludes you, think about the D3V—a savvy $100 engine bay light option, with later add-on flexibility.

Looking for the Engine Appearance Package or High Wings? We've got some in stock:

C8 Coupe Louvered Engine Panels

C8 Corvette High Wing

Silver State Challenge 2023: C8 Z06 Corvette Takes on Nevada's Highways

The iconic Silver State Classic Challenge on Nevada Highway 318 is a thrill every Corvette enthusiast must see. It's a 90-mile adrenaline rush where drivers race to hit precise speed targets.

Veteran racer AZDave47 didn't just participate - he showcased his C8 Z06 Corvette's prowess, challenging the limits on public roads. With safety in the forefront, participants gear up in fire suits, racing harnesses, and specific tire conditions to tackle the course strategically. It's all about maintaining consistent speed, especially when hitting the notorious section known as the Narrows.

Championing his C8Z, AZDave47 secured a stellar 3rd place, missing his target speed by just 0.2582 seconds. Dive into the action with the footage below:

2024 Corvette E-Ray Nears Production: Here's What to Expect

Corvette enthusiasts, gear up! The 2024 Corvette E-Ray, Chevrolet's hybrid marvel, is on track for production starting October 23rd. The road ahead looks bright, even if a few twists and turns await.

c8 corvette eray

Initial orders signal dealers' anticipation, already locked in at 1100 status. Limited allocations hint at an exclusive launch, spotlighting Corvette's innovative leap with the E-Ray.

An exciting update from A Bowling Green local's order achieved the coveted 3000 Status, marking its acceptance for production. The icing on the cake? This E-Ray is a heartwarming gift for the buyer's spouse!

2023 Corvette Z06: Thrilling Progress, Yet Deliveries Delayed

The 2023 Corvette Z06 has been Chevrolet's superstar this year, generating immense buzz. Yet, as the year winds down, shipping the final units to enthusiastic buyers faces hurdles—predominantly due to parts scarcity.

A significant portion of Z06 buyers, echoing similar sentiments, are growing restless with their purchases remaining at the 3800 status longer than anticipated. Dealers echo similar sentiments, citing extended waits and sparse updates.

c8 corvettes z06s in parking lot c8 corvette z06s awaiting shipment
"With multiple Corvettes idling behind factory walls, it sparks curiosity—Are these just Z06s, or do Stingrays share the space? Clarity remains desired."

On platforms like, buyer sentiments often revolve around prolonged waits and the current UAW strike muddying delivery timelines. Chevrolet's official stance on the matter? Awaiting comment.

Within the Corvette circles, chatter highlights shortages in parts, particularly those with carbon fiber components—from aerodynamic enhancements of Z07 to lavish interiors. Some suggest Chevrolet's creative approach, like omitting full carbon fiber inclusions in favor of alternative solutions.

Interestingly, as the 2024 Stingray production kickstarted on September 18th, Z06s seem conspicuously absent. This has led to speculations: Is Chevrolet allocating available parts for the 2023 Z06s? Official confirmation remains on the horizon.

"Chevrolet's silence on the stationary Corvette Z06s fuels hope for clarity and swift action."

Responding to MotorTrend recently, Chevy acknowledged widespread part shortages. The ripple effect has reached Bowling Green, leading to cars being produced without some components. Chevy's plan? Retrofit these vehicles once components are available, then ship to the awaiting patrons. Their commitment? Finding solutions promptly.

C8 Corvette: Avoiding Common Dealer Lift Mistakes

As Corvette enthusiasts, it's gut-wrenching to witness a C8 Corvette mishap due to improper lifting—a recurring issue since the C6 era. While human errors can happen even with the most seasoned Corvette techs, the key to prevention often lies in utilizing Corvette Jacking Pucks.

acs corvette jacking pucks GM jacking puck
Note the distinct locking mechanism on the ACS Jacking Puck compared to the temporary GM version.

GM's jacking pucks, designed for temporary use, can be forgotten or misplaced by technicians. In contrast, ACS's Corvette Jacking Pucks feature a secure locking system, ensuring they remain in place and offer peace of mind when your Corvette is elevated.

Discover the ins and outs of safely lifting your Corvette in our detailed guide.

C8 Corvette ZR1 Prototypes Showcase Unveiled Wheels in Colorado

Corvette aficionados had a treat on Colorado's highways: a glimpse of the C8 Corvette ZR1 prototypes, unveiling their wheels for the first time.

camoed C8 Corvette ZR1
Corvette Blogger
camoed C8 Corvette ZR1
Corvette Blogger

One standout prototype paraded the renowned Z06 spider-design wheels upfront, while the rear wheels flaunted a fresh, yet-to-be-seen design. This move is particularly intriguing, as Chevrolet typically shrouds prototype wheel designs until their official debut. What might be prompting this departure from the norm?

"YouTuber Supercar Ranch hinted at discovering these ZR1 wheels earlier, with images eerily similar to the Colorado sighting."

Upon closer inspection, the ZR1's unveiled wheels seem to sport a unique concave design with tiered spokes. An interesting tidbit—the lead prototype's license plate, “05M563,” coincides with a plate from an earlier Colorado sighting, reinforcing its prototype status.

With the C8 Corvette ZR1 already making waves at Nürburgring, gear up for an in-depth look at this latest Corvette marvel next month!

A C8 Corvette Gets Beached

This might be a first! It's amazing to think someone thought this would be a good idea, and yet here we are. Given all the people trying to dislodged the C8 from its sandy depths a simple Corvette Tow Hook would have greatly helped pull this Elkhart Lake Blue C8 Stingray out of the sand.

Corvette's Multimedia System Tops J.D. Power Rankings

The 2023 Chevy Corvette's multimedia features shine bright, earning top honors in J.D. Power's recent survey.

C8 Corvette infotainment system

From February to May 2023, J.D. Power's U.S. Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study gathered feedback from over 93,000 new car owners. The Corvette led the pack in the Midsize / Large Premium category with an impressive 939 out of 1,000 points, surpassing rivals like the Cadillac Escalade and the Range Rover.

"With multimedia systems becoming a sticking point for many brands, J.D. Power reports record issues mainly centered around design."

While compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto remains pivotal, Ashley Edgar from J.D. Power underscores the need for user-friendly designs that reduce distractions. Manufacturers, however, face challenges meeting these expectations.

J.D. Power’s approach, mirroring their 2023 U.S. Seat Quality Study, balances user satisfaction against reported issues, providing a holistic view of a vehicle's multimedia strengths. The initial 90-day ownership experience remains key, guiding automakers in enhancing upcoming models.

ACS Spotlight: ACS Gets Some New Mods

We're excited to announce our revamped website! Experience faster load times, streamlined searches, a dynamic make-model-year selector, and an optimized mobile experience. While these might not be the C8 Z06 mods you anticipated, they're sure to enhance your browsing experience. Your feedback is crucial, so let us know your thoughts.

Stay tuned as we unveil more features this year, such as enhanced shipping options, seamless checkout processes, product bundles, and an upgraded configurator.

On the product front, gear up for exciting launches like C8 Z06 Rock Guards and Front Splitters. And for our C7 enthusiasts, we've got surprises in store, so keep an eye out!

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