ACS Composite: Two Decades of Industry Excellence

Our 20+ year history began as an automotive composite manufacturer for the big three OEM manufacturers, namely Ford & GM. ACS Composite maintained a reputation for producing high quality fiberglass panels capable of suppling various industries.

Today, our passion for aftermarket automotive accessories is greater than ever as we continue to expand on our manufacturing techniques, our stubborness for manufacturing exclusively in North America, and providing the highest quality standards. 

Our current expertise lies in fiberglass and plastic injection.

A silver and blue stripped Ford GT

Private Label

OEM Partner

ACS’ roots are derived from OEM production. Durability, Quality and Consistency has built our reputation.

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Private Label Work

While no longer apart of our core business, our history stems from a rich history of producing countless composite panels for various industries.

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A mold of the Suzuki sign

Private label

Sign Industry

We supplied tooling and production for the sign industry in local governments and cities as well as private companies.

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We manufactured and supplied the fabrication of the prototype body panels for VUHL automotive.

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