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ACS Composite

C8 Z06 E-Ray Rock Guards

C8 Z06 E-Ray Rock Guards


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C8 Z06, E-Ray, Rock Guards | Carbon Flash Metallic Black

Update 2

Production Rear Rock Guard Assembly Finally Test Fitted. Currently the automated paint line is being worked on for the exterior Carbon Flash paint application, to avoid any misunderstanding, the product launch is pending, but we are on the final stretch! The rear rock guards for your C8 Z06 are now molded and validated, featuring a patented integral grill assembly designed to control debris flying through the vent hole located in the rear bumper. This innovative design ensures protection without compromising the intended airflow as envisioned by GM engineers. Wont be too long we'll finally be able to drive our Z06's and Erays with peace of mind knowing we are fully protected from flying rocks from the massise spinning rubber!

Like they say " The best things are worth waiting for" Thank you for your paticence.


Update 1

Fronts are complete and produced. Rears are in final testing and set to start production. ETA ~1 month.


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Rock guards come pre-equipped with new clips. No transfer required.

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