Choosing the Right C8 Front Splitter for your Chevrolet Midengine Corvette

Choosing the Right C8 Front Splitter for your Chevrolet Midengine Corvette

Choosing the Right C8 Front Lip Splitter for your Chevrolet Midengine Corvette

Selecting a ground effects package for your C8 Corvette will greatly enhanced your driving experience from both a performance and enjoyment perspective! But, with tons of options out there we know firsthand it can be confusing. The last thing you want to do is to be constantly changing your splitters until you find the one that is right for you! In this article, we will go over the options available to you from us, and shed some light on each splitter we offer, as well as the GM counterparts you could have ordered with your C8 Corvette. 

Not sure what a splitter is or does?

Front lip splitters are a crucial mod when it comes to downforce and aerodynamic improvement. They help direct airflow underneath the body of the car and ensures that drag is minimized and the air non-turbulent. Apart from its aerodynamic benefits, car splitters help make your front end look much more aggressive by artificially lowering the stance of the car (although some splitters do lower ground clearance).

ACS Composite designs all splitters using OEM data to ensure that the fit is perfect straight out of the box. No modifications needed. 

Factory Options

When building your C8 Corvette using GM's configurator, you had three options to choose from:

  1. No splitter or ground effects package.
  2. Z51 Package (Includes front splitter, side rockers, and rear spoiler).
  3. 5VM & 5W8 (Front lip splitter and side skirts in Carbon Fiber).

Z51 Splitter

This is the first splitter available for your C8. It's a three piece design, and is the first time GM has offered a splitter in this configuration. The splitter is assembled into a single unit from its three-piece design, and attached to the nose of the Corvette via a series of T15 screws underneath.

OEM Z51 Splitter
It is not quite clear why Chevrolet opted for this configuration. It would make sense, if you were able to purchase one of three pieces should you scratch or break it; however, that is not the case. You can only buy the splitter in its entirety. From a manufacturing perspective, it is cost effective to produce a splitter in this way, which might explain their decision, but we cannot know for certain.
The OEM Z51 splitter comes in a greyish/black textured finish, similar to what you would find on the Stage 1 Splitter on C7 Grand Sport or Z06. It adds a touch of subtlety to the front end of the C8, and does add a nice design element in contrast to a no splitter C8.
C8 Corvette with OEM Z51 Splitter
Unlike the C7 Stage 1 Splitter, the C8 Z51 Splitter is more durable and not flexible like its predecessor. It provides a rugged splitter for a car that cries out for a splitter.
C7 Stage 1 Front Splitter
Stage 1 OEM Splitter on a C7 Corvette
The OEM C8 Z51 Splitter is a budget friendly splitter that won't break the bank, and still give you a better overall look on your midengine Corvette. The splitter does not require any drilling or modification. All the hardware exists on your C8 (T15 screws). You will simply remove the screws, attach the splitter, and tighten everything up. Check out Joseph walking you through this install in our video here:
If you are like us and you take a look at the textured finish, then you might find yourself saying, "why is the rest of the car painted in Carbon Flash Black, and this splitter is a textured finish?"

Not sure what Carbon Flash Metallic Black is? Check out our blog on what CFZ is and why it's important for Corvettes

We offer the OEM Z51 Splitter (PN 50-4-059) in a smooth Carbon Flash Metallic Black finish to help tie in the splitter with the rest of the package on the C8. It's a labor-intensive job that our paint facility undergoes. We take the rough textured splitter, sand it down smooth, and then coat it in Carbon Flash Black. Now, your budget friendly splitter looks a lot better than it previously did!

OEM Carbon Flash Black Z51 Splitter
If you are interested in purchasing the Z51 Splitter for your C8 Corvette you can do so below:

OEM 5VM / 5W8 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

When the C8 Corvette was first announced, you were able to purchase the carbon fiber ground effects kit (5VM); however, soon after everyone began taking this option Chevrolet pulled it from the order sheet. The reasons remain unknown, but the speculation at the time was that they simply could not keep up with the demand.

The OEM 5VM Front Splitter offered a racing like splitter with its aggressive winglet design on the side, and the distinctive sharp pointed nose which highlighted the top-down view of the C8's nose. 

More importantly, the 5VM Splitter is made out of 100% pre-preg carbon in an and finished inside an autoclave to cure it. This technique is considered the pinnacle of carbon manufacturing, it was quite shocking how affordable this package was. This is the type of carbon production you would find on Lamborghini's and Ferrari's. We review the product here: 

The signature 5VM winglet offers greater aerodynamic performance over the standard Z51 splitter. Winglets helps deflect air around your front brakes and can eliminate brake dust build up.

5VM Winglet
The 5W8 option is the exact same splitter in Carbon Fiber; however, it is top-coated in Carbon Flash Black. However, it appears discontinued by GM, but the Carbon Fiber remains available for purchase. You can find it here: Unfortunately, it is only available as package and must be purchased with the side skirts.

ACS C8 5VM Style Front Splitter

Not everyone wants to drop a couple thousand dollars on a carbon fiber splitter. At the end of the day, we daily these cars, and the small weight savings is not as valuable as it is to a track warrior.

We took the 5VM design, and created our own version of the splitter using a blend of plastics to create a splitter that is a lot more durable and driver-friendly than its carbon fiber counterpart. 

ACS 5VM Splitter

The ACS 5VM Splitter (PN 50-4-026) is made out of PC Composite, and is a black plastic which means its substrate is also black. When scrapped, the insides are black, which helps conceals minor scrapes and bumps. We offer the 5VM splitter painted in Carbon Flash Black, so you are getting the same great look of the 5VM at a fraction of its OEM cost.

ACS C8 Front Splitter
The ACS 5VM Splitter installs the same was the OEM Z51 and 5VM splitters. They do not require drilling, or modification to the car. All the existing hardware is on your C8 Corvette 2020+ this includes both Z51 and non-z51 cars. That being said, we made an install video so you can get a better feel for the install yourself. 

If you would like to learn more about the ACS 5VM Splitter, then head over the product page here:

Or, you can order directly below:


ACS 1VM Front Splitter Front Splitter

Next up, we have the ACS 1VM Splitter (PN 50-4-021), we designed this splitter after listening to customer feedback on the 5VM splitter. A lot of customers were not crazy about the winglet on the 5VM and found it to be too tuner-ish. They were looking for a cleaner, tame appearance for their splitter.


ACS 1VM Splitter

To be honest, it wasn't that challenging to come up with. We simply said to ourselves, "let's get rid of the winglet and see what that gives us". That was how the 1VM was born. It is a winglet-less 5VM splitter. It keeps all the same great styling cues such as the jagged nose appearance that matches the bumper's shape, made out of our durable PC Composite, and painted in Carbon Flash Black.


ACS Splitter differences

While the install procedure is exactly the same, we decided to film an install video anyway. Check out Joseph walk through the C8 Corvette 1VM Front Splitter install below:

If you are interested in learning more about the 1VM Front Splitter, then check out the product page here or you can buy it directly below:


Ground Clearance

Understanding ground clearance is an important factor when choosing the right C8 front splitter because you are adding a panel underneath the car. In essence, you are lowering the car without actually lowering it. You should ask yourself, "will I start hitting or scraping objects lower to the ground?" For example, exiting or entering inclines from parking lots or driveways.

Thankfully, with the new midengine Corvette, Chevrolet introduced the E60 option code for the C8. E60, better known as the Front Lift System, will let you lift your nose of your Corvette to avoid those dreadful scrapes and bumps. This means installing a splitter can make a lot more sense for those cautious about damaging the splitter.

Moreover, all three splitters (OEM Z51, 5VM, and 1VM) have the same ride height and ground clearance. That means the choice is yours! Choosing one or the other will not hinder the ground clearance of your C8. See graphic below. Note: 1VM and 5VM have the same dimensions

Did you notice that there is a difference in splitter extension from the OEM Z51 (1.53")  to the 1VM/5VM (2.71")? While that will not have any bearing on ground clearance it will come into play when you approach inclines or declines because now you've effectively lengthen your C8. You should now be cautious and change your angle of attack.

How do you do that you ask? You likely already do this naturally. Instead of driving head on to an incline or decline you will approach the "object" at an angle (turning into it) to give yourself more clearance.


Let's sum up what we now know about choosing the right C8 front lip splitter for your midengine Corvette.

  • All splitters do not require drilling or modification.
  • All the existing hardware is on your C8 to install any of these splitters. This is true for Z51s and non-z51s.
  • You should be choosing a splitter painted in Carbon Flash Black since all the black trim on your c8 is this color.
  • Splitters are either a single unit or multi-piece splitter. Single unit splitters are more aerodynamically sound, and will look better without the visible lines in the splitter.
  • You can choose between having a winglet (5VM) or without a winglet (1VM / Z51) on your splitter.
C8 Corvette Z51 Splitter
ACS 1VM C8 Corvette Splitter


Side Rockers

After checking out which front splitter you want, then you should look into adding a set of C8 Rockers to your C8 Corvette. There are many benefits when doing so! You can check out our recent blog on why C8 Corvette's should have a set of side rockers on them: "Choosing the Best C8 Corvette Side Rocker Skirts for your Midengine Corvette"

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