Mixed for the Corvette -- Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax

Mixed for the Corvette -- Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax

Mixed for the Corvette by ACS Composite -- Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax

Carbon Flash Black is the most prominent color on the Chevrolet C7 Corvette and Midengine C8 Corvette. It is featured throughout your Corvette. Regardless of the options you've chosen when you built and ordered your Corvette, Carbon Flash Black will be present on it. 

You can find Carbon Flash Black on your front grill, hood insert, fender inserts, rear quarter scoops, brake scoop bezels, rear diffuser, or if you've opted for these options in CFZ your mirrors, wheel caps. The list is endless, but it goes to show you how important this paint finish is on your Corvette. Check out this image highlighting all the items in Carbon Flash Black.

Carbon Flash Black Items on a C7 Corvette

Fun fact: The paint code for Carbon Flash Metallic Black is WA501Q

If you're still not too sure where you can locate Carbon Flash Black on your Corvette, then make sure you watch our video detailing where and how you can tell if you have Carbon Flash Black on your C7 Corvette ZR1, Z06, Grand Sport, and Stingray:

What is Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax

The CFZ Black Treatment Wax was internally developed by ACS to pre-coat all our Carbon Flash painted aero components prior to shipment. This created a protective layer over the paint finish to prevent any shipping damages or packaging markings. All ACS Composite painted products go through rigorous quality control and are finalized with the CFZ wax treatment. Now, you can keep a bottle in your garage and detail your carbon flash components on your next wash.

Why we love it

It's a black wax, which means if you wiping away the wax it the residue dries black instead of that cream or white color you would typically have on a standard buffing compound. That means no visible swirl marks.


The benefits

  • Fills in and conceals minor rock chipping on carbon flash black paint
  • Black carnuba prevents white hazing to appear against black paint
  • Can be applied by hand or double action polisher.

How it works

The ACS CFZ Wax quickly restores and cleans oxidized finishes and micro scratches in a single operation on CFZ paints. Contains black paint pigments and carnauba wax to cover surface scratches resulting in a glossy, swirl free finish.

  • Can be applied by hand or with a double-action polisher.
  • Includes a FREE microfiber cloth


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