What is Carbon Flash Metallic Black? | Is it on my Corvette? | ACS Com

What is Carbon Flash Metallic Black? | Is it on my Corvette? | ACS Composite

What is Carbon Flash Metallic Black? | Is it on my Corvette? | ACS Composite

Updated: November 2021 Added C8 Corvette Section

You would be surprised how many C7 & C8 Corvette owners are unaware of what Carbon Flash Metallic Black is. Owners are surprised to learn that Carbon Flash Metallic Black (CFZ) is found throughout their Corvette (albeit some exceptions exist that we’ll go into later).

These are special cars that deserve special attention and Chevrolet delivered on that attention to detail. Let's take a closer look at your Corvette and find out exactly where that beautiful paint finish lies...


C7 Corvette:

Carbon Flash Metallic Black (Paint code WA501Q) is the black paint finish on your hood insert, grill, fender insert, spoiler (If you do not have the body color option), rear diffuser, and tail light bezel. Optional are the CFZ mirrors,  ground effects, wheel caps and more. See the picture below, which each part painted in CFZ close up. Locate these areas on your Corvette. Note: Grand Sports come with upper quarter scoops painted in body color and a Satin (flat) black grill.

From far your eyes perceive a glossy black finish; However, upon close-up inspection of the paint, a constellation of silver metallic speckles come into view--giving it that flash.

C8 Corvette:

You can still find CFZ on the new generation of the Corvettes starting 2020, and for good reason: It's a beautiful accent color! The glossy black appearance from far highlights the contours of the C8 while up close the silver metallic flake reveals a complexity in its finish matching that of the new midengine Corvette.

However, carbon flash black is not as prevalent on the C8 as it was on the C7. So, where exactly is the carbon flash black on your C8? The simple answer is if it's black, then it's carbon flash black.

Assuming you did not select any body color trim options, then here is where you can find carbon flash black on your C8 Corvette:

  • Your front grill,
  • the side mirrors,
  • the boomerangs on the side of the C8,
  • the rear trunk surrounding the glass window 
  • the rear grill vents on either side,
  • and your rear diffuser are also finished in this color.
  • The Corvette lettering and Emblems are both in Carbon Flash Black.

Additionally, there are wheel options to get a carbon flash black wheel as well as the ground effects. This is why most of our C8 products are also finished in this color because it will tie all these accents together and create a cohesive appearance. You can browse all our C8 product here: https://acscomposite.com/collections/c8-corvette

Here is a visual representation of all the Carbon Flash Black parts on your C8 Corvette!

Items on the C7 Corvette painted Carbon Flash Metallic Black (WA501Q)

If you are having a difficult time seeing the metallic sparkles (especially on areas of the diffuser where it can always be dark), then take a flashlight and shine it on the paint. You will finally be greeted with that cluster of speckled silver flake.


As mentioned, there are some exceptions to the rule of carbon flash black and that is when you choose the option to have all the exterior vents changed to Shark Grey Metallic RPO code (EFX). Take a look at the result:

Shark Grey Metallic C7 Corvette Rear Tail Lamp BezelsShark Grey Metallic C7 Corvette Hood InsertsShark Grey Metallic C7 Corvette Fender Inserts



Other than impressing other Corvette owners at your next cars & coffee, knowing what is on your Corvette can help you better choose aftermarket parts for your car. People often make the mistake of buying Carbon Fiber side skirts or front splitters for their C7 when they would be better off with a CFZ component. Or, even worse, think you are receiving a carbon fiber part when it is actually carbon flash.

Call us new school but we like the body color above the beltline while everything below in a carbon flash black. This ensures a consistent look from top to bottom creating one stunning C7 Corvette. 

Carbon Fiber versus Carbon Flash on a C7 Corvette


The beginning of carbon flash metallic back is unclear; however, what is clear is that it was first used on the 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette C6 generation. That particular Corvette was fully painted in the Carbon Flash Metallic Black paint! Known to painters as paint code, WA501Q, the silver metallic speckle on that Corvette POPPED!

Outside of carbon flash, you can see the influence of the ‘flash’ Chevrolet's palette. Several of the paint finish on the C7 Corvette such as Sebring Orange, Black Rose, Admiral Blue have that characteristic speckle in their tint coat. It is becoming signature of the Chevrolet performance line.

Carbon Flash Black Wax

What should you use on your Carbon Flash Black accent pieces on your Corvette? We get this question a lot, and regular cleaning products perform just fine. We offer a Carbon Flash Black Wax, which can serve as a great tool for correcting the paint finish especially if you find chipping on your Carbon Flash paint. It will temporarily fill those voids and look good as new.
Carbon Flash Black Paint

With the release of the C8 Corvette Carbon Flash Metallic Black is here to stay and will be continuing on the latest generation mid-engine along with a new color of the block, yet to be revealed, Shadow Gray. Regardless, you can count on ACS Composite to provide the best matching aftermarket components for your Corvette for many generations to come!

Watch as Jonathan walks you around the C7 Corvette showing exactly where Carbon Flash Black is on your Corvette. Plus, a little trick to show you how to know if Carbon Flash Black is on your Corvette:


ACS Composite paints all parts in the C7 Corvette Carbon Flash Metallic Black

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