A Low-Profile Spoiler for the Midengine C8 Corvette | ACS C8 Speedtail Spoiler

A Low-Profile Spoiler for the Midengine C8 Corvette | ACS C8 Speedtail Spoiler

A Low-Profile Spoiler for the Midengine C8 Corvette | ACS C8 Speedtail Spoiler

With the recent updates and upgrades to the 2022, General Motors Corvette announced the introduction of a C8 low-profile spoiler option. It carries the RPO code TVS. This option is available to both Z51s and non-Z51s.

So, if you're someone that didn't particular care for either the Z51 standard spoiler or the C8 High Wing, then the low-profile spoiler might be the type of accessory you have been looking for.

You can check out the low-profile spoiler here:

You can see how it falls between having no spoiler and the the standard z51 height. OEM Z51 Spoiler
In our opinion it looks simply like a squashed version of the Z51 Spoiler, and does not change the look of the car all that differently over one with a Z51 Spoiler. 
You could go the extreme and get a more race-car look with the OEM High Wing, which will add 400lbs of downforce. Interestingly, the Z51 Spoiler will also produce this amount of downforce.
OEM GM C8 Corvette High Wing

ACS Composite C8 Speedtail

We came out with our own version of a low-profile spoiler. A low profile spoiler is one that should match its name. A spoiler that blends into the car, and accentuates the design cues of the rear deck. Our Speedtail spoiler lends itself truer to the rear decks design by extending out the rear clip and enhancing its characteristics.

In addition, the ACS C8 Speedtail spoiler minimizes the downforce generation as we drawing air further along the rear deck instead of generating a downward pressure on the deck, which a higher mounted spoiler would normally do.

ACS C8 Speedtail Spoiler
ACS C8 Speedtail Spoiler

Unlike a C8 Corvette High Wing Spoiler, which generates approximately 400lbs of downforce, the C8 Speedtail will help you unlock the wilder side of the midengine configuration.

In a straight line, having the car's drag coefficient as close to 0 is the goal, and that is the target of the Speedtail. However, a C8 low-profile spoiler is not all about performance, as a daily driver, the ACS C8 Speedtail offers a sleek, low-profile spoiler that sits neatly atop the rear deck of the Corvette.

The C8 Speedtail extends the original design of the mini-wicker that you can find above your rear taillights. By further extending this feature, we achieved an accentuated rear end, which lends itself to its greater drag speed performance.

Additionally, we tapered in the bottom edge of the spoiler to match the chevron design element of the C8's rear tail lamps. The overall look is cohesive and balanced compared to the standard equipment Z51 spoiler.

You can check out the ACS C8 Speedtail product page here: https://acscomposite.com/products/c8-corvette-speedtail-spoiler

How to install the C8 Speedtail Spoiler

The ACS C8 Speedtail can be install on any 2020+ C8 Corvette. Regardless, of Z51 or non Z51, you will be able to attach the spoiler to your C8 Corvette. Now, if you have a Z51 car, or one with the High Wing, the install will be a little easier because you won't have to drill holes since we are re-using the OEM mounting points!

Don't worry if you don't have a Z51, or a High Wing, each Speedtail comes with a template to lay on your rear bumper, so you can drill the appropriate holes. These are not just random holes either. The benefit of drilling these holes is that should one day you decide to switch to either a High Wing or Z51 Spoiler those holes will be used as well, so no value lost!

We think our install video does a better job explaining how to install the C8 Speedtail spoiler over writing it, so take a look at our install video we made!


ACS Composite C8 Z51 Wickers

Perhaps neither of these wing, duck tail, or speed-tail options are what you are looking for. We took the Z51 Spoiler and wanted to add on some wickers to this spoiler as nod to its previous generation, C7 Corvette. The 2014-2019 Corvettes featured the Wicker Spoiler System, which was its signature design element on the rear of the car.

A lot of Corvette fans enjoyed and preferred this type of spoiler. It was modular, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Typically, spoilers only get one of those characteristics, so for Chevrolet Corvette to nail all three of those aspects in their rear spoiler it was impressive!

C7 Corvette Rear Wicker Spoiler

We incorporation those signature Wickers, and transferred them onto the Z51 Spoiler. We found this to give a little distinction without taking away too much from the Z51 spoiler while increasing its down-force output. This means it would now generate more down force than the high wing! Not to mention you'll have better access to your double golfbag size trunk over the High Wing.

The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers will upgrade the rear end of your mid-engine Corvette with the Corvette C8 Stingray Z51 Spoiler Wicker Conversion System. Improve the rear-end aerodynamics while adding a distinctive look to the Z51 rear spoiler. The wickers do not impede your rear view vision. You can find out more about our C8 Z51 Wickers 


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