ACS C8 Corvette Front Splitter Lineup: 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM

ACS C8 Corvette Front Splitter Lineup: 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM


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ACS C8 Corvette Splitter Lineup: 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM

Since the release of the C8 Corvette Stingray, we have been putting together a collection of front splitters that offer drivers new ways to customize their C8 Corvette.

In this article, we will showcase three of those ACS C8 Splitters: 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM. By the end of the article, you will be equipped with a better understanding of what makes the ACS C8 splitters a great choice for your C8, and the differences between each of the splitters.

Before we get into the similarities and differences let's quickly go over the benefits and whether you can install a front splitter on your Corvette.

Benefits of using a splitter

A front splitter, also known as a front air dam, is a component that attaches to the front of a car and helps to improve its aerodynamics. It works by directing airflow under the car and reducing the amount of air that goes over the top of the car. This helps to reduce drag and increase downforce, which can improve the car's performance and handling.

One of the main benefits of using a splitter is that it can improve the car's handling and stability at high speeds. This is because the splitter helps to create a vacuum effect that pulls the car down onto the road. This helps to increase the car's grip and stability, making it easier to handle and control at high speeds.

Another benefit of using a splitter is that it can improve the car's fuel efficiency. By reducing drag and increasing downforce, the splitter can help to make the car more aerodynamic, which can reduce the amount of energy required to move the car forward. This can lead to improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

In addition, the splitter can also improve the car's appearance, giving it a more sporty and aggressive look.

When it comes to the C8 Corvette, an ACS splitter specifically can help improve the car's overall performance by providing a more aggressive look and more aerodynamic design. It can also provide additional downforce to the front end of the car, improving traction and handling.

Can I install a front splitter on my C8 Corvette?

Z51 C8 Corvettes 2020+

When you ordered your C8 you had the choice of selecting the Z51 performance package. This package included a front spoiler called the Z51 Splitter.

This is a three-piece splitter meaning it can literally be taken a part into three separate sections. Unfortunately, it is obvious that it is a 3-peice splitter because the split lines are visible when installed. A lot of C8 owner's found this design element to really take away from the aesthetic of the C8.

Additionally, this splitter comes in a raw textured black finish, and when paired with the C8's front grill in carbon flash metallic black, the splitter quickly looks out of place.

A textured black C8 Corvette Z51 Front Splitter
A C8 Corvette Z51 in textured black.
OEM Z51 Splitter in three peices.
The C8 Z51 Front Splitter in three pieces.
C8 Z51 Splitter on Torch Red C8 showing split lines
Note the split lines separating the three parts of the splitter.

Luckily, this splitter can be removed and swapped with any other C8 Corvette front splitter.

Non-Z51 C8 Corvettes 2020+

If you did not select the Z51 package, then do not fear because you can still install any ACS C8 Corvette Front Splitter on your car! The same 21 screws that hold up the Z51 splitter are still present on your non-c8. Just take a peak underneath C8's nose and you will see the T15 Torx screws.

The similarities

All three splitters share the following similarities:

  • Installation
  • Surface finish
  • Material
  • Ground clearance
  • Dimensions


The best part about installing an ACS C8 splitter is how easy it is. The 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM all install the exact same way. There is no drilling involved or any modification done to your C8 Stingray. This is true whether you have a Z51, non-Z51, or no previous splitter on your C8.

There are a series of 21 T15 Torx screws underneath the C8 front bumper that need to be removed, and then re-installed once the splitter is in position.

The only tool you will need to install a C8 Corvette splitter is a T15 Torx screwdriver or bit.

The underside of the C8 Corvette front bumper showing T15 Torx screw location
T15 Torx screw location underneath C8 bumper.

We did an install video for each splitter if you want to check those out:

Surface finish

All three ACS C8 splitters come painted in a Carbon Flash Metallic Black finish. We utilize the same paint code and formulation as Chevrolet to deliver a perfect match with your existing Carbon Flash C8 components and trim.


With either the 1VM, 5VM, or 7VM, you are getting the same material and construction. Using our properitary material, PC Composite, each splitter is made in injection molding.

PC Composite is 3x stronger than ABS plastic, and more resistant to scraping and heat distortion which makes it an ideal material for splitter applications.

Ground clearance

Ground clearance, the distance between the ground and the bottom of the splitter, is an important consideration when determining the height at which a vehicle can safely pass over obstacles. While it may seem logical that different splitters have different ground clearances, it is important to note that the 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM splitters all share the same dimensions and therefore have the same ground clearance of 5.56 inches.

However, measuring the angle of attack, or the elevation at which a vehicle can approach inclines or declines, is a more accurate metric for determining ground clearance. For example, this can be important for steep indoor parking garages or driveways that decline into the street. All three splitters have an angle of attack of 9.2 degrees.

1VM Ground Clearance
5VM Ground Clearance
7VM Ground Clearance


The dimensions of the three splitters are all the same! They are same size and same design profile. In fact if you looked head on or top down at the splitters, they would all look identical!

top-down view of the c8 corvette with acs c8 splitter
Top down view of the ACS C8 splitter
length of the ACS C8 splitter
Width of the ACS C8 Splitters (1VM, 5VM, & 7VM)

The differences

Okay, so they are all very similar! But, what is the difference?

The difference lies solely with the endcaps, also known as winglet or deflectors. That is the part at the ends of the splitter.

That is how you can visually tell the difference between the 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM. Choosing the best splitter for your C8 Corvette comes down to what you think looks best!

5VM vs. 7VM: Winglet height

While the ACS C8 1VM Front Splitter does not have a winglet, both 5VM and 7VM C8 Splitter have integrate winglets. They have their own unique style, but they also vary in height! Let's take a look at the height differences between the two:

ACS C8 5VM and 7VM Front Splitter Winglet Height Differences
  • The ACS 5VM Front Splitter winglet has a height of 4 & 1/4".
  • The ACS 7VM Front Splitter winglet has a height of 5 & 3/4".

Splitter breakdown

Render of the 1VM Splitter on a C8 Stingray
1VM Front Splitter
Render of the 5VM Splitter on a C8 Stingray
5VM Front Splitter
Render of the 7VM Splitter on a C8 Stingray
7VM Front Splitter

1VM Splitter

ACS Composite C8 1VM Front Splitter on a Sebring Orange Corvette

The 1VM splitter is our entry level splitter. It is priced very aggressively and it is the splitter that suits most customers. It is a very conservative upgrade from the Z51 splitter that comes with the C8 Z51. The 1VM splitter addresses the biggest issue that customers have with the Z51 splitter, which is its three-piece design.

The 1VM splitter is a single piece design, making the car look more luxurious. Additionally, the 1VM splitter is a tad more aggressive on the front area and does not have winglets, much like the Z51 splitter.

5VM Splitter

ACS Composite C8 5VM Front Splitter on an Elkhart Blue Corvette

The 5VM splitter is an option that was introduced when the C8 was released. GM offers it in carbon fiber, while ACS Composite offers it in a PC composite material.

The main difference between the 1VM and 5VM splitter is the winglet on the side, which is used to bring airflow around the front wheels. This feature gives the 5VM splitter a more aggressive look and stance.

7VM Splitter

ACS Composite C8 5VM Front Splitter on an Accelerated Yellow Corvette

The 7VM splitter has the same profile, thickness, and angle of attack as the 1VM and 5VM splitters.

The winglet is reminescient of an inverted seven; hence, the name 7VM. We designed this winglet to match the feature of the side intake, which also features this inverted seven design cue. We find it a nice way to tie in various design elements of the C8.

The 1VM, 5VM, and 7VM splitters offer different looks and attitudes for the C8, and customers can choose to mix and match the splitters with the rockers to create the perfect package for their car. Ultimately, the choice is yours and the fun part of choosing the aero package for your C8.

ACS C8 Corvette Splitters breakdown

ACS C8 Splitter Undertray

Not only do our C8 Corvette splitters offer endless customization, performance, and styling benefits, they are also modular.

We created an fully functional undertray panel which installs underneath your ACS C8 1VM, 5VM, 7VM or OEM 5VM Front Splitter. The ACS C8 Undertray System provides added protection from scraping and improving the rigidty of the entire component.

Underside of the ACS C8 Stingray Undertray System
Underside of the ACS C8 Stingray Undertray System

You can install optional Scrape Guards underneath the undertray, which serve as the first contact point when the splitter bottoms out.

Additionally, the ACS C8 Undertray provides added aerodynamics by enusring airflow is laminar underneath the car, which creates a vacuum effect to help improve handling and control.

If you are interested in learning more about our C8 Undertray System, then head over to our blog that discusses in-depth the benefits of the ACS C8 Splitter Undertray.

1VM Front Splitter


Subtle upgrade, maximum style.

  • Carbon Flash Black
  • PC Composite
  • No drilling
  • 5.56" ground clearance
  • 9.2° angle of attack
  • 1-piece design
  • No winglet
Render of the 1VM Splitter on a C8 Stingray

5VM Front Splitter


Unleash the full potential of your C8.

  • Carbon Flash Black
  • PC Composite
  • No drilling
  • 5.56" ground clearance
  • 9.2° angle of attack
  • 1-piece design
  • Winglet height: 4 & 1/4"
Render of the 5VM Splitter on a C8 Stingray

7VM Front Splitter


Performance and unique stylign.

  • Carbon Flash Black
  • PC Composite
  • No drilling
  • 5.56" ground clearance
  • 9.2° angle of attack
  • 1-piece design
  • Winglet height: 5 & 3/4"
Render of the 7VM Splitter on a C8 Stingray
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