ACS Composite Releases the New Alternative to the 5VM Front Splitter for the C8 Corvette: ACS C8 7VM Front Splitter

ACS Composite Releases the New Alternative to the 5VM Front Splitter for the C8 Corvette: ACS C8 7VM Front Splitter

ACS Composite Releases the New Alternative of the 5VM Front Splitter for the C8 Corvette: ACS C8 7VM Front Splitter

Today, the 29th of June, 2022, we at ACS Composite, an aftermarket automotive manufacturer of performance (aerodynamics) and cosmetic parts for Corvettes, are pleased to announce the production and availability for our latest aerodynamic part for the C8 Corvette: ACS C8 7VM Front Splitter for the 2020+ Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

ACS 7VM Front Splitter on a Sebring Orange C8 Corvette

The release of the ACS 7VM Splitter marks our fourth splitter available for the C8 Corvette, and an alternative option to the C8 5VM Front Splitter! We strive to provide several options and ways to build your own C8 Corvette the way you want it.


The ACS C8 7VM is a beautiful work of art highlighting the beauty of the C8 Corvette’s sleek, and sharp edges. It is considered by us to be the best front splitter in the aftermarket that perfectly complements the C8 Corvette, as its design was focused on enhancing and complementing the styling cues of the C8 front clip.

“It was a question of trying to offer the Corvette aftermarket a new alternative for the infamous 5VM splitter." Joseph Taverna | ACS Composite Design Team

Joseph Taverna from the ACS Design Team had this to say about the newest ACS splitter, "the 7VM is not something terribly complicated, but the notch inside the winglet is similar to the side inlets on the C8, and that seemed like a cool way to bring the car together from a design perspective."


The ACS C8 7VM splitter design is the most advanced splitter design for the C8 Corvette on the market, and it was created with a great focus on performance and efficiency.

ACS 7VM Image Gallery


Unlike typical splitters which are made of Carbon fiber, fiberglass, or ABS, the ACS C8 7VM is built with the same material as our 1VM and 5VM Front Splitters: PC Composite.

It is built to be resilient using the PC Composite (unique to car splitters made by ACS), which we created to use via plastic injection. PC Composite offers the following properties: durability, resistance to heat, and scraping.

Once made, the ACS C8 7VM is coated with Carbon Flash Metallic Black to complement the C8. All C8 Corvette pieces such as the front grill, rear grill vents, side mirrors, and rear diffuser are coated using the same paint, and is the ideal choice for C8 accessories. 

A Black C8 Corvette with ACS 7VM Front Splitter


Installing a C8 Corvette splitter could not be easier! In our opinion, it is one of the easiest corvette accesories to install. The hardware we use to install splitters is already located on the front bumper of your midengine Corvette. The only tool you will need is a Torx 15 screwdriver. Let us walk you through installing our newest splitter: the ACS 7VM Front Splitter for the 2020+ C8 Corvette.


Installing the ACS C8 7VM front splitter is a simple process that anyone can do with the right tools and instructions. No bodyshop experience required. To this end, any ACS C8 7VM order package consists of an ACS C8 7VM front splitter and an instruction guide. You use hardware that is already found on your C8 Corvette.

The installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Optional: Lift the front end of your C8, even if it is only a few inches using blocks. It can help with access, but not neccesary.
  2. Remove the OEM T15 screws using a T15 screwdriver along the underside of the front edge of the bumper.
  3. Clean the area where the splitter is to be installed using your favorite detailing product.
  4. Position the spitter in this area, and align with the holes of the T15 screws.
  5. Screw on the T15 screws firmly to hold the splitter to C8's fascia

You can watch Joseph installing the ACS 7VM below:


The 7VM is now our fourth front lip splitter we offer for the 2020+ C8 Corvette. With more and more options becoming available to customize your C8, we help break down the differences and similiarties between all our splitter options. The 7VM is most compariable to the C8 5VM Front Splitter, so we will use that as a reference.


The ACS C8 5VM design draws inspiration from the orginal GM LPO 5VM splitter, as they are nearly identical. The signature winglets on the side are what will differentiate the 7VM from the 5VM. The 7VM winglet has a taller winglet and is notched to resemble an invert seven.

Close up view of the ACS 7VM Winglet


Similar to the 5VM, the 7VM is made out of PC Composite via plastic injection. Plastic injection provides sharp, crisp, and consistency across a production lot, which leads to a higher quality product and finish. We have found our material and process to be nearly 3x stronger in terms of heat distortion and resistance to breaking compared to our competitors. You can learn more about these comparisons here.

Surface Finish

Each splitter is painted in a carbon flash metallic black finish with a layer of clear coat to provide extra shine and protection. This is the same color of all the black components on your C8 Corvette.


The ACS 5VM enables your C8 to function at its very best with optimum efficiency providing added downforce via its winglets. The 7VM features taller winglets; therefore, edging out the 5VM with added downfoce.

Render of the ACS 7VM Splitter


Both installations are extremely easy to install allowing you to choose the best option to build your C8 Corvette the way you would like. Neither require any special tools, or lifts or bodyshop experience to install. A splitter is a fantastic first mod for the C8 Corvette!

C8 Corvette Splitter Comparison Table
Splitter OEM Z51 [50-4-059] ACS 1VM [50-4-021] ACS 5VM [50-4-026] ACS 7VM [50-4-130]
Surface finish Textured Black or CFZ CFZ CFZ CFZ
Material TPO plastic PC Composite PC Composite PC Composite
Winglet No No Yes Yes
Drilling required No No No No
Ground clearance 5.56" 5.56" 5.56" 5.56"
Splitter type 3-piece 1-piece 1-piece 1-piece
Price (USD) $599 $499 $739 $879
Application 2020+ C8 Corvette (Z51 & Non-Z51) 2020+ C8 Corvette (Z51 & Non-Z51) 2020+ C8 Corvette (Z51 & Non-Z51) 2020+ C8 Corvette (Z51 & Non-Z51)


If you are looking for a splitter that is unique to the Corvette, then the ACS C8 7VM Front Splitter fits that bill. We particularly like that it is not only something that is aesthically different from the traditional setups, but also one that will offer you great performance at the track. Look out for the matching 7VM Rockers to complete this package.

If you need to install the ACS C8 7VM on your C8, then you can it order it from our website directly from its product page. Or, you can add it directly to your cart below. If you have any questions regarding the 7VM product, then reach out to us by email ( or phone (1-888-227-2270).

Get a FREE ACS swag bag

We are looking to add pictures to our 7VM Splitter product page with different C8 Corvette tintcoats. If you purchase the 7VM Splitter, have one of the following C8 tintcoats, and submit pictures we can use on our product page, then we will send out a free ACS swag bag, which includes:

  • An ACS C8 tshirt
  • stickers
  • A $50 store credit on your next purchase

We are looking for the following colors:

  • Hypersonic Gray (GA7) [WA-623G]
  • Caffeine Metalic (G48) [WA-613G]
  • Silver Flare Metallic (GSJ) [WA-251F]
  • Arctic White (G8G) [WA-9567]
  • Torch Red (GKZ) [WA-9075]
  • Accelerate Yellow (GD0) [WA-622D]
  • Amplify Orange Tint (GC5) [WA-625G]
  • Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat (GPH) [WA-245F]
  • Black (GBA) [WA-8555]
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic (G9F) [WA-459C]
  • Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic (GS7) [WA-625D]
  • Rapid Blue (GMO [WA-632D]

To qualify you must submit us photos like this:

Please send your photos to

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