C7 Corvette Stingray 2014+ Wide Body Kit | Coupe | Z06 design

Coupe Rear Widebody, Z06 Scoop

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Lower Rocker Functionality
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ACS Wide Body Conversion Kit for the Stingray C7 Coupe 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 

The ACS Stingray widebody system is manufactured in RTM composite creating a sleek, and easy to bolt-on kit.

The kit was designed in CAD using GM's OEM zero spec data for a true fit and finish. The final result will resemble a C7 that came out wider from stock! The ACS  panels are sold fully prepped and primed; all ready for trial fitting. The rear splash guard that comes with the kit will add functionality to the style and help keep your ride clean.

Specs and details

  • Gives an added 40 mm width on either side, allowing for room for 20x12 wheels with 335-25-20 tires
  • Bolt-on kit includes driver and passenger sides quarter panels
  • Rocker Extension
  • Main quarter panel
  • Five1 Rear quarter upper scoops 45-4-011
  • Rear fascia extension
  • Rear splash guard
  • Liners
  • All hardware included
  • Manufactured in RTM composite

The wide body conversion kit will add a much needed swagger to the C7's rear-end. Additionally, it will benefit from the larger wheels and tires that can now go on the back end. Larger wheels and tires means the C7s power will stick to the ground and improve acceleration times.

More importantly, the OEM rockers do not need to be unglued from the car's aluminium rails--an expensive and dangerous procedure that would require the doors to be removed and potentially, through heating, distort the aluminium chassis. Fitting is estimated at 4 hours.

Optional Duct Work Includes

  • Passenger Side Intake Pipe
  • Driver Side Intake Pipe
  • Passenger Side Intermediate Duct Pipe
  • Driver Side Intermediate Duct Pipe
  • For Non-Z51 optioned cars
    • Passenger Side Lower Brake Duct
    • Driver Side Lower Brake Duct
    How difficult of an install is the widebody? Can I do it myself, or should I seek a professional? Do any extra modifications need to be done to the car to get this to fit?

    The widebody is more of a lengthy install than it is a difficult one. Professional help is always great, and takes the burden off the customer! But, everything is included to install it yourself. Detailed instructions guide you through the entire install. No extra modifications are needed to get the widebody to fit (i.e no cutting extra panels, trimming, sanding down body lines etc).

    Does the widebody come prepainted?

    No. It comes in a primer finish. This is a to-be-painted surface that will require a final sanding prior to paint. We offer paint matching with select C7 colors. It is an additional $1,750.00 to paint all pieces. Please email order@acscomposite.com for more details

    Can I keep the rear wheels and tires that I have now?

    Technically, yes you can retain your tire and wheels; however, it will look odd! Your rear fascia will be wider than your wheel, and therefore you will not be able to see your tire and wheels. It is highly recommended to upgrade to a 20x12" wheel similar to the Z06. ACS offers a selection of wheels that can be viewed on our configurator. Please contact us directly at order@acscomposite.com for pricing.

    • C7 Corvette Coupe Stingray 2014-2019
    Shipping Dimensions:

    Box 1: 48" x 36" x 20", 100 lbs

    Box 2: 36" x 30" x 20", 30 lbs