GM Rear Widebody Convertible, Z06 Scoop, w/ Rear Bumper

Description SKU 45-4-157 PRM [45-4-125 45-4-110] CFZ
Lower Rocker Functionality
Rear Spoiler
$3,999.00 USD

GM Wide Body Conversion Kit for the Stingray C7 Convertible 2014+

A complete bolt on Rear Wide Body kit using OEM Panels and an ACS lower rocker integration panel.

The wide body conversion kit will add serious swagger to your C7 Stingray. By extending the rear width, new width tires and wheels can be added to truly the your C7's power to the test!

The main benefit of this package is that the OEM rockers do not need to be unglued from the car's aluminium rails - an expensive and dangerous procedure that would require removing the doors, and potentially causing distortion due to aluminium heating. The combination of ACS Composite and GM parts enables a true bolt on widebody that can be easily installed in a few hours.

Specs and Details:

  • Gives an added 40 mm width on either side. Allows for a 20x12 wheels with 335-25-20 tires.
  • Z06 driver and passenger side quarter panels
  • ACS rocker extensions
  • Rear fascia
  • Diffuser extension bezel
  • Gas cap cover
  • Wheel liners
  • Z06 rear spoiler with Stage 1 Wickers in CFZ
  • All hardware included


Lower Z06 Scoop
    • Non-Functional Brake cooling ductwork
    • Functional Brake cooling ductwork for Z51 equipped Stingray 45-4-149
    • Functional Brake cooling ductwork for non-Z51 equipped Stingray 45-4-151
Rear Spoiler
    • Stage 1 Rear Spoiler in CFZ (45-4-125 45-4-110)
    • Stage 2 Rear Spoiler in CFZ with larger end wickers (45-4-125 45-4-111)
    • Stage 3 Rear Spoiler in CFZ with larger end wickers and central polycarbonate window 45-4-125 45-4-113


The widebody comes unpainted. Package ships via Freight Priority. Shipping in the US is standard 250$ to a business address. For other shipping alternatives or paint matching pricing please email us at

Application Guide:

C7 Stingray Convertible

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