Our first Chevrolet Corvette C8 Product! ACS C8 Z51 Wickers.

Our first Chevrolet Corvette C8 Product! ACS C8 Z51 Wickers.

Our first Chevrolet Corvette C8 Product! ACS C8 Z51 Wickers.

Well, hopefully, it is safe to say that 2020 is behind us! We are cautiously optimistic. While we can go into detail about the impact of COVID-19 had on our operations, we'll save you read! Just know that we were silently working away from home waiting for everything to get back to normal...

That being said, we are proud to release our first product for the new Chevrolet Midengine C8 Corvette: The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers.

Upgrade the rear end of your mid-engine Corvette with the Corvette C8 Stingray Z51 Spoiler Wicker Conversion System. Improve the rear-end aerodynamics while adding a distinctive look to the Z51 rear spoiler. The wickers do not impede your rear view vision.

Chevrolet noted that the Z51 Spoiler and C8 High Wing carry the same downforce properties, but by adding the ACS C8 Z51 Wickers you will unlock additional downforce greater than those cars equipped with the High Wing!

ACS C8 Z51 Wickers

The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers come pre-painted in the Carbon Flash Black finish. Carbon Flash Black is the black metallic paint you see on your accent / trim pieces such as the diffuser, door feature, grill and more.  


If you look at the C7 Z06 or Grand Sport's spoiler, then you will quickly realize where our wicker design came from. The popularity of the wicker system by Chevrolet was well received by the Corvette community. 

ACS Composite Stage 2.5 Wickers

We wanted to carry over that design to the C8 platform, and we were excited to see that possibility when we saw the Z51 Spoiler. The design of the spoiler called for those wickers to be added. 

More exciting was when we learned that the C8 High Wing and C8 Z51 Spoiler produced the same exact downforce. This meant that if we could increase the surface area of the Z51 Spoiler, then we could theoretically increase the downforce greater than that of the High Wing. The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers provide that additional surface area for added downforce!

ACS C8 Z51 Wickers

How it's made

Parts are digitally designed to ensure a specific fit to the Corvette. There is nothing universal about an ACS product. Our engineered parts are made in a PC Composite plastic via injection and painted ‘Carbon Flash Black’ specifically in order to match the Stingray's other trim parts, including the diffuser and front bumper inserts. Once fitted, you will wonder why it wasn’t always there.

How to install

Installation involves drilling 3 holes on either side of the your spoiler. Three (3) rivets + doubled-sided tape will hold the ACS C8 Z51 Wicker in place on either side. Installation can be completed in under an hour.

We rate this as an Easy install.

What's included

  • Driver + passenger side ACS C8 Z51 Wicker
  • Pre-installed double-sided tape
  • Six (6) rivets
  • Instructions


  • C8 Corvette Stingray 2020+
  • The Z51 Spoiler is needed for the conversion 50-4-051
  • Rivet gun

 ACS C8 Z51 Wickers

ACS C8 Z51 Wickers


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