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ACS Composite

Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax

Carbon Flash Black Paint Treatment Wax


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The Ultimate Solution for Maintaining Your Corvette's Carbon Flash Metallic Black Ground Effects and Trim Pieces

ACS Composite CFZ Wax is an exclusive formulation developed specifically for Corvette owners who demand a high-quality solution to treat their Carbon Flash Metallic Black ground effects and trim pieces. It is the same product that ACS Composite uses internally to treat all their Carbon Flash items before packaging them, to ensure a lustrous and waxed finish. Now, you can pick up CFZ wax and use it on your next car wash to ensure the longevity of your Carbon Flash finish.


  • Restores and cleans oxidized finishes and micro scratches in a single operation on CFZ paints.
  • Contains black paint pigments and carnauba wax to cover surface scratches resulting in a glossy, swirl-free finish.
  • Conceals minor paint chips and delays the need to repair paint chips.
  • Easy to apply by hand or with a double-action polisher.
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth.

How to Use:

  • Application by hand: Shake well before use. Saturate a terry cloth wax applicator and apply with a light pressure on a small surface of 0.18 m² (2 ft2) in a random circular pattern to allow the black pigments to penetrate and fill small chips. Allow to dry and polish.
  • Double-Action Polisher Application: Shake well before use. Use a microfiber or foam polishing pad and apply at a low speed (1800 rpm) over a surface of 0.18 m2 (2 ft2).
  • NOTE: For highly oxidized finishes, pre-clean with the appropriate cleaners before applying the CFZ Paint Corrector.


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Surface finish

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Vehicle fitment

  • C8 Z06
  • C8 E-Ray
  • C8 Stingray
  • C7 ZR1
  • C7 Z06
  • C7 Grand Sport
  • C7 Stingray
  • C6 ZR1
  • C6 Z06
  • C6 Grand Sport
  • C6 Base
  1. Coupe
  2. Convertible/HTC

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