The C8 5VM Winglet Lookalike for the C7: How to install the C7 5VM Rocker Winglet

Have you ever seen how stylish the 5VM rocker winglet looks on C8? It has a sleek, yet aggressive look that is not easily forgotten. Moreover, it has a unique look that radiates class that combines aesthetics with functionality. An image of the C8 5VM Rocker on a Sebring Orange C8 Corvette

As a result of this, we created the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet to reproduce this sleek feel and look for all C7 Corvettes. This winglet option looks almost precisely like the C8 Corvette 5VM Rocker. A render of the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet on a Torch Red Z06

Before diving into how you can install the C7 5VM winglet, its features, and what differentiates it from the C8 5VM, let's look at why you might need the 5VM winglet on your C7.

The Need for a Rocker Winglet

If you are asking yourself, "Do I really need winglets if I already have a side rocker on my C7?", then it would help if you read this next section. Otherwise, you can skip to the install section.

Corvette designed the 5VM Rockers for a reason. A lot of the design elements from the C8 are inspired by aerodynamics first, and then styling second. Using the side rocker winglets provides you with benefits such as:

  1. Great Aerodynamic Performance: The winglet prevents air from rushing underneath the car in conjunction with the side rocker. Thus, it increases the downforce on your vehicle and improves its performance—the winglet functions as a rear-wheel deflector. A picture depicting the air flow towards the C7 5VM Rocker Winglet
  2. Aesthetics: It accentuates the C7 side extensions as a styling cue, delivering a sleek look and feel, and adding to the aggressive nature of the Corvette.A close-up of the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet

Product Description: The C7 5VM Rocker Winglet

The ACS C7 5VM rocker winglet is a bolt-on side winglet that anyone can install in a matter of minutes. Made using injection molding, it's a rigid, durable, heat-resistant,  and scrape-resistant plastic. In addition, it has a sharp and custom-made edge that gives it a sleek appearance.

To install the C7 5VM winglet on your car, you will have to place an order for it here on our website. This order will include:

  • Two C7 5VM Side Rocker Winglets
  • Rivets
  • Longer T15 screws
  • Instruction manual

A close-up of the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet

Next, let's look at how you install the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglets.

How to Install the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglets

Generally,  the C7 5VM winglet is installed on an already preinstalled rocker, but you can also install them without rockers. It is compatible with the OEM, ACS, and most aftermarket rockers, and it has an OEM appearance.

It is installed by fixing screws and rivets on the car's underside. This doesn't require you to modify the winglet, rocker, or vehicle. Making use of:

  • Features such as the rocker's OEM mounting points, the winglet' fastening points, and both the rocker and winglet holes for rivets
  • Materials such as 7mm screws, rivets
  • Tools such as a 3/16" drill bit, torque screwdriver, and rivet gun.
  • Both winglets are attached to the car sides, below the car door, close to the rear wheel.
  • While ensuring spacing of  ¼" between the winglet's end and the car rear quarter panels beginning.

The ACS C7 5VM installation involves unscrewing, screwing, and rivet crimping. Here are the seven steps involved to secure the winglets to your Corvette's rocker:

  1. Fasteners Removal: the installation starts with removing fasteners (t15 screws), that hold the side rocker to the rocker panel, from the rocker with the help of a torx screwdriver. 
    Removing the fasteners from the OEM Rocker
  2. Rivets Removal: this involves the removal of rivets that hold the side rocker to the rocker panel, and it is done with the help of a 3/16" drill bit. The rivets are removed by placing the drill bit at the center of each rivet, with application of pressure, and maintenance of low motor speed.
    A drill being used to remove an installed rivet on the C7 Corvette rocker panel
  3. Fitness Trial: ensuring all holes match, place the winglet on the rocker with the mounting point on the rocker's underside, as shown in the picture below. This is to confirm that the winglets fit perfectly with your rocker and rocker panel before the screwing and crimping starts. Test fitting the ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet on the Corvette prior to installing rivets and fasteners.
  4. T15 Screws Fixation: using the two t15 screws (7mm) removed in step one, fix the winglet tightly onto the rocker using the winglet fastening points, with the help of a torque screwdriver. Re-installing the longer t15 screws into the C7 5VM Rock Winglet
  5. Perfectly Fix Winglet: this involves unscrewing both 7mm screws a little and pushing the winglet rear-ward: this is to position the winglet right. The light unscrewing makes the winglet mobile as it makes it easier to adjust to get the perfect positioning while also holding it in place. Pushing the C7 5VM Rocker Winglet rearward to ensure it is affixed correctly via the loosened screws
  6. Rivets Insertion and Crimping: set a rivet into your rivetgun, this gives you better leverage and control as you slide the rivet in the hole. Position the first rivet into its hole without crimping the rivet. This will help with the remaining rivets to install easily. After the third rivet is perfectly inserted in its hole, all three rivets will be crimped to fully fix the winglet on the rocker.Positioning the second rivet into the C7 5VM Rocker Winglet and corresponding corvette rocker panel
  7. Final Fastening: for the last time during the installation process, the 7mm screws are tightened to fix the winglet in a position after all three rivets have been crimped.Re-tighten the longer t15 screws to complete the first half of the installation

All seven steps are repeated on the car's other side to complete the C7 5VM rocker winglet installation. 

Install Video

If watching someone install is more your speed, then check out the full ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet video below. Joseph walks you through the above seven steps. 

The ACS C7 5VM vs C8 5VM Rocker Winglets

If you are wondering if you can install the C8 5VM Rocker on your C7, the answer is no, but that is why we made the C7 5VM Winglet!

The reason is that, though the ACS C7 5VM was styled according to the C8 5VM, they are a few features that differentiate them, which is necessary as each car has its unique buildup and design.

This difference includes:

  1. The breadth of the winglet: the C7 5VM has a shorter breadth when compared to the C8 5VM. This is mainly due to the engine position, which shortens the distance between the rear wheel and door compared to the mid-engine C8.
  2. Height of the winglet: the C7 5VM has a shorter height when compared to the C8 5VM. The shortened height enhances the brake cooling duct, which is, of course, located behind the body panel to which the scoop is attached, unlike the C8.

The ACS C7 5VM Rocker Winglet Production

The ACS C7 5VM is one of our latest products, produced locally here in North America using polycarbonate thermoplastic injection molding (this involves injecting molten plastic into a mold).

This process gives the winglet durability, impact strength, rigidity, and a sleek look that is unmatched compared to conventional aftermarket ABS parts created by thermoforming onto a mold (this involves heating plastic and vacuuming it to a fixture).

After production, it is painted carbon flash metallic black, just like the preinstalled rockers, spoiler, hood inserts, fender inserts, and other C7 components you have on your C7.

DevTalk #1 C7 5VM Rocker Winglet

Learn more about the design inspiration and our process from concept to finished product in this video where Joseph details our experience in bringing the ACS C7 Corvette 5VM Rocker Winglet to life!


If you need to install the ACS C7 5VM on your Corvette, you can always check out the product page.

If you have any questions about installing the ACS C7 5VM, you can email us at Specialists are available to help you out.

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