No Chip on Our Shoulder! Overhaulin's Chip Foose Chooses ACS Composite for, "The Knock Out Vette" Episode

No Chip on Our Shoulder! Overhaulin's Chip Foose Chooses ACS Composite for, "The Knock Out Vette" Episode

No Chip on Our Shoulder! Overhaulin's Chip Foose Chooses ACS Composite for, "The Knock Out Vette" Episode

Season 10, Episode 1 of Overhaulin on Motortrend starts out with a bang when Chris Jacobs takes a sucker punch from Glen, the Overhaul-ee, after watching Jacobs smash a guitar through his 2014 Corvette Stingray's windshield! Corvette owner or not that will get any one's blood boiling!

S10E01 "The Knock Out Vette" Overhaulin

S10E01 "The Knock Out Vette" Overhaulin

Now, the producers may have thought that was a clever title, but wait until you see the final result and you'll know why they really called this episode, "The Knock Out Vette".

The Chip Foose Special

When we got the call to be a part of this project we were ecstatic to hear that when Overhaulin' thought of Corvette modification they thought of ACS Composite. It's not every day we can humble brag and say Chip Foose chose you, so here we are: Chip Foose Chooses ACS Composite. Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

While we gave the Foose Design team plenty of suggestions and recommendations on what most Corvette Stingray owners go for: Z06 Front Splitter & Z06 Side Skirts ultimately they were thinking bigger and more unique. 

Here's a list of ACS Composite parts on Glen's 2014 Overhauled Corvette Stingray:

  1. ZR1 Hood
  2. Enhanced Front Splash Guards
  3. C7 Waterfall Storage Compartment
  4. Rear Z06 Widebody
  5. XL Rear Rock Guards
  6. Stingray Rear Fascia Extensions

A Corvette build with significance

Chevy Corvette's always have such significance in families that share a passion for Corvette's, and Glen's family is no exception to this rule. Max, Glen's son, orchestrated this build and submitted it to the Overhaulin' team. During the design process with Chip, Max tells us how his grandfather, Glen's father, always dreamed about a owning a Corvette, but regrettably passed away before seeing the Corvette. Glen mentions how he turns up his father's favorite music while driving the Corvette to honor him. Something all us Corvette owners can relate to.


C7 Waterfall Storage Compartment
Pulling out the C7 Waterfall Storage Compartment prior to paint Note the ZR1 hood in the back!

Installed ACS Composite Rear Fascia Extensions and XL Rock Guards.

Fitting the final piece of the Z06 Widebody. 

Live SEMA Reveal

What better way to unveil the first C7 Corvette Overhauled by Chip Foose for their inaugural return on Motortrend then a live reveal at the largest aftermarket show in the world: SEMA

The Discovery team headed out to Las Vegas, Nevada to reveal the Corvette to Glen and onlookers including the ACS Composite team. We were blown away by the new Stingray. Chip chose a color similar to the new C8 Color, "Zeus Bronze" whether intentional or not it looks pretty damn cool!


The color is a two-tone variant that splits on the top portion of the Stingray, and features accented orange pin-stripping. The cream interior blends the aggressive exterior into a softer interior for a more pleasant driving experience. The Stingray is crowned with the ACS Composite ZR1 hood to mimic the aggressive look of Corvette ZR1. Finally, the rear is widened with our widebody to give it the z06 stance and of course is fitted with a new set of 5-spoke chrome wheels to tie it all together.


How to watch

If you want to check out this episode or anything on Motortrend for that matter head over to their website. They are currently running a FREE trial on their so you can check out this episode for free!

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