C7 Coupe Waterfall Compartment

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Surface Finish
$1,349.00 USD

Corvette C7 Coupe Waterfall Compartment

The Corvette is the ultimate touring car, and what goes better with a grand touring car than additional compartments to store travel essentials. The ACS Waterfall Compartment will be your favorite travel companion storing everything from passports, maps, change of clothes, and anything else you will need at arm's length.

While the C7 Corvette coupe's trunk space is rated at 15 cu ft and capable of storing two gold bags, the Waterfall Compartment will let you segment your essentials from the non-essentials. Keep the non-essentials in the trunk and have the essentials upfront with you neatly packed away, but still within reach eliminating the need to get out of the Corvette

The Waterfall Compartment doubles as a barrier between the cockpit and trunk space, which will protect loose items from flying forward and entering the cockpit. How many times have you taken off and had something from the trunk end up hitting your dash?

Travel in style on your next Corvette caravan, and keep your interior clean and organized with your Corvette essentials within arm's reach. Store detailing products, your firearm, tire compressors. 

The Waterfall Compartment is bolted down using the two tie down points in the C7's trunk, and more important you can continue to store your targa top when you want to drive with the top down. The exposed Waterfall can be painted in your Corvette's body panel and ties the interior to the exterior for an elegant and practical mod that even your wife can agree on! 


C7 Badge

  • Available in Chrome or Carbon Flash Black

Surface Finish

  • Primer Finish: Shipped in a dark grey primer finish. The surface has been sanded and primed twice ready for a professional painter to final sand and color match to your C7. Backing is also in a primer finish.
  • CFZ: Carbon Flash Metallic Black top coat. Same color used on most of the C7 trim pieces such as the hood insert, front grill and rear diffuser panel.
  • Body Color: Choose your Corvette's tintcoat and get it shipped directly to you with no fuss at all. Painted waterfalls include a textured backing to match the trunk space. Don't see your color? Send us an email order@acscomposite.com and we'll set it up for up.


Will this match the color of my car?

No. It comes in primer (unpainted). This will need to be painted by yourself or have a bodyshop paintmatch it the color you wish. Or, you can select the carbon flash metallic black option, which is the same black color that is found throughout the C7 Corvette. All black accent pieces such as the rear diffuser, hood insert, fender inserts, front grill are painted in carbon flash black. ACS Composite offers select paint matching colors. Please email order@acscomposite.com for availability and pricing on custom paint.

  • C7 Coupe Stingray 2014-2019
  • C7 Corvette Coupe Grand Sport 2014-2019
  • C7 Corvette Coupe Z06 2014-2019
  • C7 Corvette Coupe ZR1 2019
Shipping Dimensions:48x24x24" 25lbs.