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Stingray Rear Fascia Extensions

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Surface Finish
$179.00 USD

Stingray Rear Fascia Extensions

The ACS Composite rear fascia extensions enhance the ground effects on your C7. The extensions create a continuation effect from your splitter to rockers, and now to the rear. The result is a balanced ground effect look from the front to the rear of the C7 Stingray. Detail to complete your aero package, and designed to cover any rock chips to your rear fascia due to debris projected from the rear tires. 

Manufacturing and Fitment

The rear fascia extensions are manufactured in a PC Composite material similar to the C7's rear diffuser material. PC is an excellent material that remains rigid over time, resistant to road debris chipping, and is relatively weightless compared to other components.

Additionally, the ACS rear fascia extensions are designed using accurate C7 data for that perfect fit that ACS prides itself on. 

 Key Points

  • Exclusive design for C7 Stingray, Will NOT fit GS, Z06, and Zr1.
  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated ABS-PC composite material
  • Pre-painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black to match all C7 black pieces (diffuser), ground effects, etc.
  • Installs with existing OEM mounting bolts from the rear diffuser, and two supplied aluminum split rivets. 

Complete the Package

Designed and styled with our Rear XL Rock Guards, this complete kit will ensure your back end is up to date. The Rear XLs will help protect the paintwork and save you money on paint chip repairs. Check out the XLs here: 

Are these easy to install?

The rear fascia extensions are a straight-forward install. They mount using existing hardware and holes on the C7 Corvette under your diffuser. Simply unbolt and attach the extensions. There is an optional hole that can be drilled for a rivet to secure the extension or a strip of two-way tape can be used instead of the rivet.

Is drilling required?

Drilling is only required if you choose to add the extra rivet instead of two-way tape. We always advise for the safest install, which involves the use of rivets.

How well do these fit on the Corvette?

ACS Composite is one of the only manufactures to use OEM GM C7 Corvette data to design and manufacture our products; thus, these extentions were designed to snugly fit onto the rear fascia!

What material are the extensions made out of?

They are made out of ABS-PC plastic in an plastic injection mold. This yields a highly precise and quality component that is equally rigid. This type of material is ideal for aerodynamic car components as they are durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.

  • C7 Corvette Stingray 2014-2019
Shipping Dimension: 23x9x4" 5lbs.
X Carbon Flash Black:
CFZ is a black paint finish with a silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it appears as a gloss black finish; however, upon closer inspection a silver metallic flake can be seen inside the paint finish. CFZ matches all C7 Corvette accent pieces on the Corvette including the fender insert, hood insert, front grill, rear diffuser, and more. Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended by us for any Corvette parts.

Hydro Carbon Fiber:
A hydrographic coating is similar to paint. It creates a pattern to the applied surface and clear coated. A target match to the OEM Carbon Fiber weave found on different optional panels of the C7 Corvette and standard on the C7 ZR1. Optional real carbon fiber panels are roof, splitter, rockers and spoilers. A small checkered pattern of graphite and dark grey with a slight gold tint. Ideal for rock guards since the panel can be made in a chip resistant PC-ABS panel and coated to match the carbon fiber rockers they will mate to.
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