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It's a festival of Camaros! It's Camarofest IX | Come See ACS July 11-14, 2019 in Bowling Green, Kentucky

We are already in the thick of Summer, and show season is already heating up. We started with our very own Expo ACS on May 25th, 2019 our first car event featuring Corvettes and Camaros outside our manufacturing facility in Lachine, Quebec! Then, we traveled to Rawdon, Quebec to Bourgeois Chevrolet for their yearly Corvette gathering, and then headed down to the Indianapolis Motorspeedway in Indiana for Bloomington Gold 2019. At all events and gatherings, you can find ACS Composite interacting and engaging with Camaro and Corvette enthusiasts such as yourself and most importantly we are installing our own products on your car because our parts are made to measure and can be installed right there on location.

Camaro Fest 9

If you've been living under a rock, or if you new to the Camaro world, Camaro Fest is the premier event when it comes to Camaro and Camaro gatherings! You can walk the endless grounds visiting numerous suppliers, resellers, manufacturers and really anyone involved in the Camaro industry.

There are a number of activities that you can participate in or simply watch and enjoy including the road coarse challenge, drag racing, camarocross, carshows with various awards given, meet and greets with some of the most exciting individuals in the Camaro world, and the infamous parking lot party! Not to mention you can come get those ACS Composite parts installed directly on site and leave with them freshly installs by yours truly!

Check out our previous year's recap blog on the event to get a bit of a better idea of what to expect. You can read more about it here:



When: July 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2019

Where: 798 Beech Bend Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, USA


New Releases?

Last year, we unveiled a new product of ours, the ACS Composite Gen6 Rear Wickers and the ACS Composite SS Canards:

ACS Composite SS Canards / Dive Planes (48-4-085)

We were (and still are) excited to release this product because a lot of customers had been asking us if we had plans of creating dive planes for their Camaros. We weren't too sure if the product was going to come to life, but our development and design team push through and brought the product to market! The result is an extremely durable and rigid racing canards thanks to its raw material of ABS-PC plastic. The canards will be attached to all 2016+ SS fascias via supplied rivets and 2-way tape to ensure that the dive planes are not just a showpiece, but a functional one!

ACS Composite SS Canards on Gen6 SSACS Composite SS Canards

ACS Composite Gen6 Rear Wickers (48-4-103)

Another item that was released during last year's Camaro Fest were a highly anticipated add-on to our Gen6 Rear Deck Spoiler. The new wickers match the material and the styling of the rear deck spoiler and added a new level of aggression taken from its Z06 cousin.

ACS Composite Camaro Rear WickersACS Composite Camaro Rear Wickers

This year is all about protecting your Camaro! We are big believers in protecting your Camaro's paintwork. Paint chips and repairs are extremely costly and time-consuming, and not to mention a huge eyesore if left untreated! 

We've developed a way to greatly reduce the number of rocks that propelled from those massive performance tires to the side of your Camaro's body panels. The ACS Composite Front and Rear Rock Guards stop rocks at their source: The tires. Securely attached to the inner wheel well and molded from ABS-PC plastic the guards blend in seamlessly with the car's design and don't look like your typical "truck mudflap".

Guards can be easily installed, but if you're at the CamaroFest we'll put those on for you to protect yourself from the long journey back. If you want to learn more about protecting your Camaro's paint then check out a blog we wrote that focused on this particular subject.

If you want to check out the mudguards for your Gen6 Camaro check out their product page here, or ask about them when you see us at Camaro Fest this year!

ACS Composite Rock Chip GuardsACS Composite Rock Chip Guards

Interested in getting some ACS Composite products installed at this year's Camaro Fest? Be sure to call us at 514-828-1000 and book your spot at our install center!

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