2016-2023 Camaro ZL1 Gen6 Rock Chip Guards | ACS Composite 48-4-105

ZL1 Rock Chip Guards

Description SKU [48-4-105]GBA
Surface Finish
Rear Guard Options
$199.00 USD

ACS Composite Rock Chip Guards for Gen6 Camaro

ACS Composite wheel splash guards are elegantly styled to match the contour of the Gen6 Camaro Zl1 and Zl1-1LE. They will offer protection to the side of the bodywork from the spinning wheels projecting road debris. 

Enhanced protection compared to the GM Accessory part. 

Offered in a gloss black finish; only the exterior visible portion is top coated. They are easily installed via the supplied aluminium rivets. 

Components are injection molded in ABS-PC black plastic, which is suitable for withstanding any harsh road debris.


    • Camaro Zl1-1LE 2018-23
    • Camaro Zl1 2017-23
    Shipping Dimension: 23x9x4" 3lbs
    X 1LE Black:
    1LE Black finish is similar to the matte black finish that is found on the Chevrolet Camaro Zl1-1LE. 1LE Black will closely match that finish and is recommended by us for any Camaro owner looking to match that finish.

    Gloss Black:
    Gloss Black (GBA) is your standard high shine black paint finish. This will match the Zl1 OEM splitter, Gloss Black is the go-to finish for ground effects and accessories as it will highlight the components against your colored car.