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ZR1, Z06 & Grand Sport Protection Start Up Kit

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Z06 & Grand Sport

The ACS Composite Protection Package serves as your base for protecting your C7 Z06 or Grand Sport from road debris damages. It will include everything you need from preventing damage, and even repairing some minor damages!

The Protection Package includes four items plus a complementary T-shirt to better protect you while you are cruising down the road. The items are as follows:

1. ACS Composite Front Enhanced Splash / Mud Guards 45-4-063

At 30% larger than OEM splash guards, the ACS guards will help enhance the coverage range that the traditional splash guards would not otherwise help protect. A must-have for any C7 Corvette owner.

2. GM Rear Splash / Mud Guards 45-4-091

A nice touch to complete your splash guard package.

3. Brake Scoop Covers 45-4-177

Another must-have for the C7 Z06 and Grand Sports! The brake scoops are the main target of the damage that comes from the road debris. Rockers, stone chips, and etc., are continually being propelled towards those scoops and chipping away the paint.

4. Carbon Flash Metallic Black Touch-Up Paint 45-4-106

We complete the ACS Composite Protection Package with a bottle of CFZ touch-up paint to help cover-up/fill- in the rock chip damages on any pieces of carbon flash such as your front grill, ACS painted splitter / rockers, and of course your brake scoops!

5.  Just for Fun, an ACS T Shirt

Midnight Blue ACS-C7

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What finish are the splash guards for this protection package?

Front and rear splash guards will be in textured black. This finish is ideal for matching the fender extensions, as they are also in a textured black plastic on a Grand Sport and Z06.

What finish are the protective brake scoop covers?

The brake scoop covers will be painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black. This will better serve as a replacement unit for the OEM carbon flash bezels underneath. Thus, you will not be able to tell there is a protective cover.

I already have the rear GM splash guards. Can you remove these from the package?

No problem. Just contact us at order@acscomposite.com and we can set up the custom package for you!

  • C7 Corvette ZR1 2019
  • C7 Corvette Z06 2015-2019
  • C7 Corvette Grand Sport 2016-2019
Shipping Dimension: 18" x 9 " x 4", 5 lbs