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Rock Chip Guards

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Surface Finish
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ACS Composite Rock Chip Guards for Gen6 Camaro

One of the biggest issues with owning a powerful muscle car like the Gen6 Chevrolet Camaro are the large performance tires. These tires are notorious for heating up and becoming sticky. When that happens the tires will start picking up any debris lying on the road. Road surface debris such as rocks, stone chips, small branches such as twigs can be all threatening at cruising speeds.

Once the road debris dislodges from the tire it is propelled towards the rear of the Camaro. This will cause paint chipping, small dinks and dents, and general wear-and-tear on the Camaro. There are several ways to protect your Camaro from expensive paint chip repairs; however, one of the most effective solutions are front and rear splash guards, mudguards, rock chip guards.

Mud flaps target the issue directly at the source--The tires. By stopping the rocks from reaching the paint you won't need to worry about the protective film covering the wrap lasting long enough, or if the wax you put on it the car will actually do what it says.

ACS Composite wheel splash guards are elegantly styled to match the contour of the Gen6 Camaro. Guards can be installed with both ACS Rockers or without. They will offer protection to the side of the bodywork from the spinning wheels projecting road debris. 

Enhanced protection compared to the GM Accessory part. Will work with both ACS Rockers, 48-4-005 and 48-4-039.

Offered in unpainted black plastic to be painted either glossy black finish the signature 1LE black; only the exterior visible portion is top coated. They are easily installed; fronts are installed via the supplied aluminium split rivets while the rear are mounted using the  mounting screws located on the rear fascia wheel arch. 

Components are injection molded in ABS-PC black plastic, which is suitable for withstanding any harsh road debris.


    • Camaro SS 2019-23
    • Camaro V6 2019-23
    • Camaro I4 2019-23
    • Unless trimmed, ACS Front Guards will not fit with the replacement GM accessory side rocker, which wraps around the front fender, GM Pn 84486684 or similar.
    Shipping Dimension: 23x9x4" 3lbs
    X Unpainted Black Plastic:
    An unfinished surface that will require a final sanding prior to painting. A great option for those looking to customize and/or paint the parts themselves or have a body shop handle the paint. Not intended to be installed as is on a vehicle.

    1LE Black:
    The 1LE Black finish is similar to the matte black finish that is found on the Chevrolet Camaro 1LE. The 1LE Black will closely match that finish and is recommended by us for any Camaro owner looking to match that finish.

    Gloss Black:
    Gloss Black (GBA) is your standard high shine black paint finish. Gloss Black is the go-to finish for ground effects and accessories as it will highlight the components against your colored car.