T7 Splitter

Description SKU 48-4-007 PRM
Splitter Surface Finish
Side Winglet, Deflector Selection
$349.00 USD

The T7 Splitter is the perfect visual upgrade to your Gen6 Camaro. The split is built to enhance the aggressive front end the Camaro. Not only will it improve the aesthetic of the car’s sleek build, but it will increase its aerodynamic properties at high speeds.


  • Improved frontal airflow management.
  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated RTM composite material.
  • Quick install using existing OEM mounting points.
  • Available in Primer and Carbon Flash Black Finish.


Be sure to check out our deflector line-up to maximize your splitter upgrade. Over the last few decades, deflectors/winglets have been used by commercial and corporate jets to alleviate drag caused by the airflow off the end of the wing. Using this principal, ACS designed its deflector line-up to further impact the aerodynamic performance of its components. Check out the the stage 2 product page here.

Application Guide

  • Camaro I4, V6 2016-17 Coupe, Convertible.

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