Corvette Battery Charger / Tender

Description SKU 45-4-209
$149.00 USD

The smart and safe charger designed for your Corvette. 

Yes, the  Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 or ZR1 can be charged through your cigarette lighter.

Designed to plug into your Corvette via the cigarette lighter hub located in the truck. The Corvette Battery Charger is designed to maintain your battery during the winter months or for prolonged storage.  It can effectively maintain your battery and keep it healthy, prolong it's life and keeping your car's electronics up to date.

Monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging automatically minimizes energy consumption and provides redundant levels of safety protection. No need to deal with polarity or installation, simply pop the trunk, plugin, pass the wire through the deck, plug into the wall and you're all set.

Charge the battery without out ever touch the battery or risk causing a short circuit. 

It can remain safely connected 24/7 while its streamlined design makes it ultra-compact, portable and incredibly lightweight. Easily stores in its own case and in the Corvette storage compartment in the driver side trunk storage bin. 

Intuitive LED indicators to provide visual state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information, even while in maintenance mode.


  • C7 Corvette ZR1 2019
  • C7 Corvette Z06 2015-2019
  • C7 Corvette Grand Sport 2016-2019
  • C7 Corvette Stingray 2014-2019
Shipping Dimension: 18x9x4" 5lbs