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General Motors

Corvette Battery Charger / Tender

Corvette Battery Charger / Tender


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Check out the newest version of the Corvette Smart Charger!

The Ultimate Charger for Your Corvette: ACS Composite's C6, C7, & C8 Battery Charger

When it comes to maintaining your Corvette, nothing should be left to chance. ACS Composite's C6, C7, & C8 Battery Charger is designed to keep your battery healthy during the winter months or prolonged storage. Say goodbye to worrying about dead batteries, and hello to efficient and safe charging.


  • Smart and safe charging that monitors battery activity
  • Efficiently maintains and prolongs battery life
  • No installation or polarity concerns - simply plug in and go
  • Ultra-compact, portable, and lightweight design with an intuitive LED display
  • Redundant safety protection and a streamlined, four-step charging cycle
  • Perfect fit for C6, C7, & C8 Corvette models
  • Optional bumper case or mounting bracket for practical storage

Experience the redefined shopping experience with ACS Composite, where high-quality products and exceptional customer service are our top priorities. Our C6, C7, & C8 Battery Charger is no exception, providing the perfect fit and excellent paint finish for your Corvette.

Whether you're a vehicle mod or restoration enthusiast, or simply looking for a reliable battery charger for your Corvette, ACS Composite's C6, C7, & C8 Battery Charger is the ultimate solution. Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your Corvette's battery is in good hands.

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