C8 Corvette OEM Z51 Rockers in Carbon Flash Metallic Black

C8 Z51 Rockers

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Surface Finish
$449.00 USD

C8 Side Rocker | OEM

Due to limited supply of GM Z51 Rockers, expect a  processing delay; on average 2-4 weeks. 

Alternate product in stock is the new C8 Z06 Rockers for Stingray ships within a business day.

The C8 Corvette Z51 side rocker is a perfect addon to the Z51 splitter offered with the Z51 package.

Designed to highlight the spear and offer some protection from road debris chips.

It is manufactured in TPO, it is a flexible and scratch resistant in its Textured Black finish. If you are looking for something a little more flashy, then upgrade to the ACS painted Z51 Front Splitter in Carbon Flash Black. This is an elegant black finish that matches many of the existing items on your C8!

Textured Black is the natural color of the molded plastic, it is the material itself, very resistant to chipping as the surface color is the material color. 

Carbon Flash Plaint is a painted top coat matching the trim panels on the stingray; for example, the bumper insert and diffuser rear panel.  The surface is smooth and then top coated Carbon Flash Black. 

 Fits on all C8 Corvettes (2020+) 

Package includes driver + passenger side rocker panels, pre-installed double-sided tape, and rivets.


    Will this fit on non-z51s? Yes, it will fit on all C8 Corvettes
    • C8 Corvette Stingray 2020 and up
    Shipping Dimension: 48x24x5" 15lbs.

    Textured black:

    Textured black is an unpainted plastic finish. A very durable and chip resistant finish.

    Carbon Flash Black:

    CFZ is a black paint finish with a silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it appears as a gloss black finish; however, upon closer inspection a silver metallic flake can be seen inside the paint finish. CFZ matches all C8 Corvette accent pieces on the Corvette including the front grill, rear diffuser, and more. Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended by us for any Corvette parts.