C8 Corvette 2020 Ground Effects 5VM Package | Visible Carbon Fiber

C8 Visible Carbon Fiber 5VM Package

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C8 Front Splitter | Visible Carbon Fiber (5VM) | Original Equipment

The Visible Carbon Fiber Splitter (LPO 5VM) is the epitome of racing performance. Forged using pre-preg carbon, the C8 visible carbon is the part you've been missing on your Corvette C8 Stingray mid-engine build. 

The C8 was built with the splitter design in mind, so why should you be driving with anything less? The front ground effects generate enough downforce to truly put the performance of the mid-engine to ooze out onto the road. Take corners as you've never taken them, and show what an American-made vehicle can do to its European counterparts.

C8 Side Rockers | Visible Carbon Fiber (5VM) | Original Equipment  

The Visible Carbon Fiber Side Rocker (LPO 5VM) is the performance side skirt for the mid engine C8 Corvette.  A direct bolt-on ground effect that features integrated rear winglets on the ends of the skirts to improve rear tail airflow. 

The side skirt design signals the signature look of the C8 Corvette. Manufactured in Pre-preg Carbon Fiber, and left exposed showcasing its woven pattern, the 2020 Corvette aero is a must-have for the latest American Super Car.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Known for its light-weight and rigid properties, carbon fiber is the ideal material to use for ground effects. Whilst adding negligible weight to the C8, you are drastically improving the aerodynamics of the mid engine super beast. The added winglets make this side rocker the ideal Corvette performance modification.

C8 5VM Walkthrough Video:

  • C8 Corvette Stingray 2020
Shipping Dimension: 72x24x5" 15lbs.


Primer is an unfinished surface that will require a final sanding prior to painting. Primer is a great option for those looking to customize and/or paint the parts themselves or have a body shop handle the paint. Primer is not intended to be installed as is on a vehicle. There are no UV stabilizers in the primer coating and will, therefore, degrade over time when exposed to sunlight

Carbon Flash Black:

CFZ is a black paint finish with a silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it appears as a gloss black finish; however, upon closer inspection a silver metallic flake can be seen inside the paint finish. CFZ matches all C7 Corvette accent pieces on the Corvette including the fender insert, hood insert, front grill, rear diffuser, and more. Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended by us for any Corvette parts.

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