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C8 Black Wheel Lug Nuts

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Lug Nut Tool
Center Caps
$139.00 USD

C8 Corvette Black Wheel Lug Nut Set

Upgrade your existing lug nuts with these sleek gloss black lug nut fasteners on your Chevrolet C8 Midengine Corvette and get a beautiful full stealth finish around your wheel. The perfect add-on for anyone looking to optimize the amount of black on their Corvette. 

Lug nuts are sold as a complete set (All four wheels) + a spare.

Optional: Protective Lug Nut Socket Installation Tool

The 22 mm XL non-marring lug nut socket has an attractive finish for easy identification in your tool box. The built-in extension and unique non-marring sleeve protect the finishes of your Corvette wheels and lug nuts. The socket is a 1/2" drive and work great with hand tools and torque wrenches.

The extra length of the XL sockets provides the extra clearance necessary when torquing the wheels to the proper spec.

Complete Installation Tool Kit

Why not complete the set and service your C7 as well with the set of 3 lug nut socket tools to tackle practically all Corvettes, and also the boring cars.

  • 19 MM, Gold (C7 Corvette Tool)
  • 21 MM, Red 
  • 22 MM, Green (C8 Corvette Tool)

Center Caps

Replace the original Stingray chrome ring center cap with a selection of either the elegant sleek black center cap with the C8 Stingray Logo or the Corvette Racing C8 Jake emblem.

Sold in sets of 4




  • C8 Corvette Stingray 2020 and up
  • C8 Corvette Z06 2023 and up
  • C8 Corvette Eray 2024 and up
Shipping Dimension: 18x9x4" 5lbs