C7 Corvette Stingray Stage 2 Wickers | 2014+ Stingray | ACS Composite

C7 Stingray Z06 S2 Wickers

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Center Window Wicker
Riv Nut Tool
$399.00 USD

C7 Stingray Z06 Stage 2 Wicker Conversion

The ACS Stage 2 Wicker System for the 2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray is a true replica of the OEM Z06 Stage 2 Wickers.

The C7 Stingray S2 Wickers bolt right onto the OEM Z51 Spoiler, and are perfectly aligned with the rear fascia of your Stingray. No misaligned edges, gaps, or rubbing.

Unlike other aftermarket designs which simply take measurements from the OEM Z06 Wickers, and force them onto the Stingray, we redesigned the wickers to match the data of the 2014+ C7 Stingray for a fit that resembles OEM.

Its curvature, its mounting and design will match the Z51 spoiler, and the height and downforce equals that of the C7 Z06/Z07 package. You can add the center bridge, which will convert your spoiler into the Stage 3 Spoiler giving it the true representation of the Z07 package available to C7 Z06s & Grand Sports.


Our engineered parts are manufactured in plastic injection using a formulation developed by ACS called PC Composite. The blend of plastic enables 3x stronger parts, and high temperature resistance.

Each Wicker is coated in a Carbon Flash Metallic Black finish through our automated paint line, which yields a perfect match to the OEM CFZ found throughout your C7 Stingray including Z51 spoilerbase, rear diffuser panel, grill, fender inserts and more

How it installs

A series of rivnuts will be installed in your Z51 spoiler, which will then accept the Stage 2 Wickers. No rear bumper removal required. See Installation Tab below for the full installation video walkthrough.

What is included?

  • Driver + Passenger Side Wicker
  • 2x End-caps
  • 10x Riv nuts
  • 10x M6 Carbon Flash Black screws
  • Stage 3 Bridge Template
  • Instructions


Is drilling required?

Yes, the wickers mount using four rivnuts per wicker that will need to be drilled into the spoiler.

Are these the same height as the Z06 wickers?

Yes, they are 2.5" from the spoiler base just like the C7 Z06.

What color are the wickers?

They are Carbon Flash Metallic Black. This is the same color that is found throughout your Stingray. All black accent pieces such as the rear diffuser, fender inserts, quarter ports are all painted Carbon Flash Metallic Black.

What is the difference between these Wickers & your Five1 Wickers?

The Five1 Wickers are much smaller in height measuring about 0.5" from the spoiler base. The increase in height from the Stage 2 Wickers will give you greater downforce, and an authentic C7 Z06 spoiler appearance.

  • C7 Corvette Stingray 2014-19 with Z51 Rear Spoiler 45-4-179
Shipping Dimension: 23x9x4" 5lbs