Z06 Brake Scoop

Description SKU 45-4-123 PRM
Surface Finish
$479.00 USD

Lower Rocker Z06 Brake Intake Scoop 

A bolt on panel adding the Z06 rear lower brake intake scoop to any C7 Stingray lower rocker.

Manufactured in RTM composite the kit is a bolt on mod anyone can install; Simply set the supplied template, drill 3 holes and bolt on the panel. Detailed and accurate trim bezel is included,  functional brake cooling ductwork can be added, extra trimming is required for ductwork. 

Conversion Kit Includes

  • Passenger Side Z06 Scoop Panel
  • Driver Side Z06 Scoop Panel
  • Passenger Side drilling / trimming template
  • Driver Side drilling / trimming template
  • Passenger Side Trim Bezel
  • Driver Side Trim Bezel
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Instructions

Optional Duct Work Includes

  • Passenger Side Intake Pipe
  • Driver Side Intake Pipe
  • Passenger Side Intermediate Duct Pipe
  • Driver Side Intermediate Duct Pipe
  • For Non-Z51 optioned cars
    • Passenger Side Lower Brake Duct
    • Driver Side Lower Brake Duct

    Designed for coupes and convertible Stingrays.

    Paint Color

    Contact us for custom color availability; when ordered painted, by default the trim bezel will be painted in Carbon Flash Black Paint. 


        Are these easy to install?

        This install is considered medium-level difficultly. For non-functional versions, it is as simple as drilling three (3) holes per side to install the scoops. However, for the functional versions, a 6x6" triangle-shape hole will need to be cut in order to achieve the functionality aspect.

        Can I use two-way tape instead of drilling?

        No, we never recommend the use of two-way tape as a replacement for rivets, bolts, or screws. These aerodynamic parts will be under a lot of pressure from down-force and will naturally want to pull off the car. For that reason, two-way is not advised.

        The color I want is not listed as an option. Can you paint this for me?

        Generally, listed options are colors we painted in the past, and are confident it will match that C7 color. However, for non-listed colors you can contact us directly at order@acscomposite.com for availability.

        I have a Z51 with brake cooling already. Will this enhance the performance?

        No. From testing this did not add to the already cooling-enabled capabilities of the Z51. In this case, a non-functional set is preferred.

        • C7 Corvette Stingray Coupe 2014-2018
        • C7 Corvette Stingray Convertible 2014-2018 (Non-Functional Only)
        Shipping Dimension: 18x11x8" 5lbs

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