Z06 Front Bumper Grill for Stingray

Description SKU 45-4-135 CFZ
$289.00 USD

The Z06 grille was designed to provide maximum airflow to the radiator and brake cooling duct. This resulted in a front-end airflow increase of 17% (based on CFD analysis) when compared to the base Stingray grille. Additionally, the inlet ramps to the brake cooling ducts were optimized to balance the airflow demands of brake cooling and engine cooling. 

Grille is sold painted in Carbon Flash Black Metallic, matching the C7 trim panels, like the diffuser valence, hood inserts and others. 

Camera is plug and play for Camera optioned C7's.

Installation instructions included.

    Are there any modifications such as drilling or cutting that I need to do to install this grill?

    No, this is a plug'n'play type of install that will not require such modifications. Simply remove the existing front grill and replace with this one!

    What is Carbon Flash Metallic Black

    Carbon Flash Metallic Black is the paint finish used by GM on all the accent pieces for the C7 Corvette such as the fender inserts, rear diffuser, front grill, and upper quarter scoops.

    • C7 Z06 2014-2018
    • C7 Grand Sport 2014-2018
    • C7 Stingray 2014-2018
    Shipping Dimensions:

    55x11x10" 15lbs

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