Corvette C6 Front Splitter Zero6 | 2005-2013 | ACS Composite

Zero6 Front Splitter

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Surface Finish
Front Wheel Deflectors
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Zero6 Front Splitter | Corvette C6

The C6 Corvette Zero6 front splitter is designed for the 2005-2013 model years of the base model Corvette. Performance packages such as front lip splitters help generate additional downforce on the front end of your Chevrolet Corvette whether you are on or off the track.




The Zero6 comes in either a primer finish, which is simply an unpainted coating that will require final sanding prior to painting. If you are looking to paint the splitter yourself, then this is the option for you. Or, you can save the hassle and have it expertly painted by our PPG system in an elegant Carbon Flash Metallic paint finish which features a brilliant silver metallic flake in the gloss black paint.

In addition to its styling benefits, the Zero6 splitter features an integrated functional brake cooling ducts on either side of the splitter.  The ducts act as a vacuum and suck in the forced air from driving. The air is then converted and targeted towards either side's braking system. The targeted airflow will help reduce and maintain braking power and function.

The C6 Corvette Zero6 front splitter is manufactured by ACS Composite in an RTM composite. This procedure lends itself to a high quality and functioning aerodynamic aftermarket splitter that will be long-lasting and not just something designed to make your Corvette look good -- But, it does do that as well.


Optional front wheel deflectors can be added for improved brake cooling while reducing brake dust on the side bodywork. 

Features at a glance

  • Manufactured in RTM Composite
  • Improve downforce and frontal airflow
  • Functional brake cooling inlets
  • Primed in black to be painted
  • Instructions included + hardware
  • Available in Carbon Flash Black
  • Optional front wheel deflectors


  • C6 Corvette Base 2005-13


Primer is an unfinished surface that will require a final sanding prior to painting. Primer is a great option for those looking to customize and/or paint the parts themselves or have a body shop handle the paint. Primer is not intended to be installed as is on a vehicle. There are no UV stabilizers in the primer coating and will, therefore, degrade over time when exposed to sunlight

Carbon Flash Black:

CFZ is a black paint finish with a silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it appears as a gloss black finish; however, upon closer inspection a silver metallic flake can be seen inside the paint finish. CFZ is derived from the Centennial Edition C6 Corvette, Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended by us for any Corvette parts.