C6 Corvette Base Body Kit and Ground Effects | 2005-2013 | OEM Quality

C6 Zero6 Aeropack

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$1,049.00 USD

ACS Composite C6 Zero6 Aeropack

Begin customizing your Aeropack above and SAVE now!

The ACS Zero6 Corvette Aeropack offers savings by bundling a series of aerodynamic components (Splitter, Deflectors, & Rockers).  ACS components are designed to improve airflow around the Corvette and enhance its aggressive stance.


  • Manufactured in RTM Composite.
  • Improve downforce and frontal airflow.
  • Functional brake cooling inlets.
  • Primed in black to be painted.
  • Available in Carbon Flash Black.


Zero6 Front Splitter: 
      • Designed for the 2005-13 Corvette coupe and convertible, the Zero6 will improve down force thereby enabling greater control and traction.
      • Additionally, it incorporates functional brake cooling inlets supplying forced air to the original duct-work located in every C6.
      • Manufactured in ACS' RTM composite.
      • Available in primer ready to paint or Carbon Flash Black Metallic. 


    • The Zero6 Aeropack includes front wheel deflectors which improve brake cooling while reducing brake dust on the side bodywork. 

    Side Rockers/Skirts:

    Zero6 Side Rockers:
      • Designed for the 2005-13 Corvette coupe and convertible, and inspired by the latest C7 Z06. Curved profile to ease entry, and anenlarged under panel to protect the painted under body from rock chips and other road debris.

    Detailed instruction manual is included, installs using supplied black anodized split rivets. A handheld rivet tool can be found here: https://acscomposite.com/collections/garage/products/hand-riveter-kit-with-dial-head-riveter

      What is the value in the aeropack?

      The value in the aeropack comes from bundling ACS aeroparts into one order for those that wish to buy all at once. In doing so, we pass on the savings to you through the shipping costs as well as providing a small discount on the overall product. For example, our splitters ship for $100.00, our side skirts ship for $75.00. That's $175.00, if you buy them separately. However, with an aeropack they all ship together for $120.00. That's $55.00 in shipping savings alone!

      What is included in the ACS C6 Z06 Grand Sport Aeropack?

      The aeropack includes our ZR1 Front Splitter, an optional reinforcement, and your choice of side skirts. So, you will get a splitter + a rocker. And, if you elect for a reinforcement, then you will get three items: Splitter, side skirts, and reinforcement.

      What is the difference in paint options?

      Primer is an unpainted surface. It will need painting, and cannot be left on the car unpainted as there are no UV stabilizers. Carbon Flash Black is a gloss black finish with a silver metallic flake in the finish that adds a little sparkle to the pieces-A great option for making the aeropack pop!

      Is the reinforcement necessary?

      While the reinforcement is not required it is a great upgrade for the C6. The front fascias are notorious for sagging at high speeds due to their malleable construction. The reinforcement does as the name suggests by strengthening the interior of the front fascia. If you track the car, then we highly suggest picking up the reinforcement.

      Will these aero-parts fit on my Z06/Grand Sport Corvette?

      No. However, you can find a similar aero pack for that particular version of your C6 Corvette. You can find it here.

      • C6 2005-13 Non-Wide Body Coupe and Convertible
      Shipping Dimensions:
      • Splitter / Spoiler: 72x24x5" 15lbs;
      • Side Skirts: 88x6x9" 10lbs.