Camaro 2010-2013 Front Bumper Complete | T3S | ACS Composite

T3/S Bumper

Description SKU 33-4-042
$979.00 USD

The ACS-T3/s fascia is built from a SS bumper and has the classic central mail slot. ACS add a set of aggressive cooling ports. Our technicians place the OEM SS bumper on a fixture and robotically perform the trimmings. Ports are all installed following our rigorous specifications ensuring you get a quality component ready for your Camaro.

 Fits Camaro SS, RS, LS, LT, 1LE 

Splitter Options:

  • No Splitter
  • ACS-T3 Splitter 33-4-019
  • ACS-T4 Splitter 33-4-099
  • ACS-T4 Splitter with Undertray 33-4-115
  • ACS-T4 Deflectors 33-4-113 (ACS-T4 Splitter only)

Mailslot Scoop Options:

  • Non-functional Mail slot
  • Functional Rad Support 33-4-073. Converts the original cosmetic mailslot scoop into a functional air breathing slot to help cool the engine.
  • Big Mouth Mail slot, 33-4-109. Converts the SS mail slot to double its height for an aggressive unmistakable look.

Port LED Lighting Options:

Original OEM DRL light can be re-installed in the T3/s port without a bracket. Templates and instructions are included.

  • No Lighting
  • ACS Eagle-T3 Triple 33-4-081
  • ACS Eagle-T3 Single 33-4-089

Bumpers ship via Freight; shipping in the US is standard 250$ to a business adress. For other shipping alternatives please email us at

    Will the bumper be pre-painted to match my Camaro's color?

    No. ACS Composite does not offer color matching services on this product. It will arrive unpainted, and the T1 Bumper ports will be in a primer finish, which is a pre-coating to paint that will require final sanding prior to paint.

    • Camaro 2010-2013 V8 SS
    • Camaro 2010-2013 V6 (LS LT RS)
    Shipping Dimensions: 78x23x33.5" 75lbs.