T2 Front Bumper Ports

Description SKU 33-4-035
Surface Finish
$399.00 USD

Designed specifically for the LS and LT front fascias, the ACS-T2 Front bumper ports give your Camaro that unmistakable look. These components are also used in our ACS-T2 Bumper Assembly (33-4-032). T2 components are designed to fit Camaro V6 fascias, and can be customized with numerous lighting options. Finally, complete your ACS-T2 port with a stealth-like Hydro-Carbon finish.

The kit includes:

  • Driver and passenger side intake ports
  • Inner installation rings
  • Adhesive
  • Templates and instructions

ACS recommends that the installation be performed by a qualified body shop. If self-installation is chosen, then access to a caulking gun, dremel tool, clamps, and rulers are advised.

Lighting Options:

  • No lighting
  • DRL Mounting bracket (33-4-041) [Reinstalls original Camaro DRL lights]
  • ACS-T1 Quad-Lighting (33-4-044)
  • ACS Eagle-T2 Single LED (33-4-083)
  • ACS Eagle-T2 Quad LED (33-4-091)
  • ACS Eagle-T2 Sextuple LED (33-4-092) 

Check out this installation video:

Patent Pending

Application Guide

  • Camaro 2010-13 LS LT RS V6

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