Camaro 2010-2013 Front Bumper Replacement | T2 | ACS Composite

T2 Bumper

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DRL Bracket
$1,049.00 USD

ACS-T2 ports, splitters and bumper assemblies (Will fit Camaro SS, RS, LS, LT, 1LE)

The ACS-T2 fascia is a replacement front bumper with no intake slot. Aggressive cooling ports are installed on a genuine GM part; The T2 bumper completes the look without lowering the ride height. If you are a Camaro SS owner looking for extra engine cooling, then we recommend the complete T2 bumper assembly with the optional T2 splitter with Cool-Rad for increased airflow performance.

The ACS fascia is a modified Genuine GM part (Core is a Camaro RS, LS, LT, OEM Fascia). Each part is robotically trimmed and assembled in a dedicated fixture. Particular design characteristics are incorporated in the assembly to insure compatibility between the various materials.

 Lighting Options:

- An optional DRL mounting light kit is available in order to reinstall the stock Camaro light. Pn 33-4-041

  • ACS Eagle-T Single Light 33-4-083 
  • ACS Eagle-T Quad Vertical 33-4-091
  • ACS Eagle-T Six Pack 33-4-092
  • ACS-T1 LED Quad lighting 33-4-044

Splitter Options 

ACS-T5 Splitter 33-4-101: The ACS-T5 Splitter is the latest product driven by enthusiast demand. The composite T5 Splitter will install on all Camaro LS, LT, RS, V6 front fascias and WILL NOT lower the vehicle's ride height. Installation does not require the removal of the front fascia.

ACS-T2 Splitter 33-4-020: The ACS-T2 Splitter will enhance the look of your V6 Camaro and WILL NOT lower the ride height. A series mounting holes will need to be drilled to install the T2 Splitter. The Cool-Rad option will requires trimming on the undercarriage surface of the bumper to improve airflow to the engine's radiator


Will the bumper be pre-painted to match my Camaro's color?

No. ACS Composite does not offer color matching services on this product. It will arrive unpainted, and the T1 Bumper ports will be in a primer finish, which is a pre-coating to paint that will require final sanding prior to paint.

  • Camaro 2010-2013 V8 SS
  • Camaro 2010-2013 V6 (LS LT RS)
  • Camaro 2014-2015 V6 (LS LT RS)
  • Camaro 2010-2015 V8 (ZL1)
Shipping Dimensions: 78x23x33.5" 75lbs.