T1 Bumper

Description SKU 33-4-130
Auxiliary HP Lighting
Main Lighting
$1,149.00 USD

The ACS-T1 fascia is built from a ZL1 bumper. ACS add a set of aggressive cooling ports. Our technicians place the OEM ZL1 bumper on a fixture and a robotically perform the trimmings. Ports are all installed following our rigorous specifications ensuring you get a quality component ready for your Camaro.

The ACS-T1 fascia is designed to fit a Camaro ZL1. It may be fitted to other Camaros; however,  upper cowl lines require adjustment.

Upper grill from either a Camaro SS, V6 and heritage can be fitted. 

Lower grill and splitter can be ordered separately Pn 33-4-132, can ship with the bumper at no extra cost.


Mailslot Options:

  • No Big Mouth mailslot
  • Big Mouth Intake (33-4-109)

Port LED Lighting Options:

  • No lighting
  • ACS Eagle-T3 Single (33-4-089)

Auxiliary Lighting

  • No lighting 
  • HP LED strip (33-4-129)

Bumper ship via Freight; shipping in the US is standard 250$ to a business address. For other shipping alternatives please email us at order@acscomposite.com

Patent Pending

Application Guide

  • Camaro 2010-13 SS V8
  • Camaro 2010-13 LS LT RS V6
  • Camaro 2014-15 LS LT RS V6
  • Camaro 2010-15 Zl1 V8 SC

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