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Side Rockers (Camaro SS, RS, LS, LT)

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$699.00 USD

The ACS Composite Camaro 2014-2015 V6 Side Skirts

The ACS Camaro side rockers are designed specifically for the 2014-2015 model, and add to the ground effects look of our V8 T4 Splitter and V6 T5 Splitter.  The rockers are molded in our RTM composite process, which gives the component a smooth finish on both sides. This process enables a higher quality piece with an added clean smooth look for safe cleaning and an OEM appearance. Fits all Camaros except ZL1.

For an added unique and functional rocker, install alongside the ACS Side Rocker Winglet (33-4-125)

Easy installation. No two-way tape or messy adhesive. Installs in 30 minutes.


  • Painted Satin Black to match the front grill.
  • Will not lower the ride height of the vehicle
  • Enhance the aerodynamics of the car at high speeds
  • Can be installed with several other splitters on the market

The kit includes: 

  • Passenger Side Rocker Panel
  • Driver Side Rocker Panel
  • 18 Rivets
  • Instructions
    What is the difference between the two surface finishes?

    Primer is an unpainted surface that will need painting prior to install. It is unadvised to install a primer unit as there are no UV stabilizers to protect it from sunlight exposure. Satin Black is a matte black finish that is dull in appearance similar to what you would see if you black Plastidip something.

    Do I need to drill holes into the car? Can I use two-way tape instead?

    Yes. Holes will need to be drilled into the bottom of the rocker panels (holes are pre-drilled on the side skirts to make the procedure easy for you). The use of two-way tape is not recommended, and we advise against it as the down-force generated from driving will likely rip the rockers off the car.

    What type of hardware secures this product in place?

    Nearly all ACS Composite products install via rivets. When a rivet is secured in place it creates a mushroom effect through the hole--Similar to placing an umbrella through an equally-sized hole and opening the umbrella. This is great for securing panels in place. You can find a handheld rivet gun here.

    • Camaro 2014-15 SS
    • Camaro 2014-15 V6 (LS LT RS)
    Shipping Dimensions: 88x4x46" 10lbs.