Hoodliner (Paintable)

Description SKU 33-4-117 PRM
Camaro Emblem
LED Lighting
$214.00 USD

The ACS Composite Hood Liner is a replacement panel for the original felt hood liner. The hood liner is resistant to the extreme heat generated by the engine because of ACS' manufactured RTM composite process.

Complement and contrast your Camaro colors with a paintable smooth hood liner.


  • Dual or Quad LED lighting pods, high power LED lighting system. Display your engine compartment in style!
  • T3 Hood Port Version
  • TL1 Hood Insert Version
  • T3 and TL1 Port Version

Application Guide

    • Camaro 2010-13 SS V8
    • Camaro 2010-13 LS LT RS V6
    • Camaro 2014-15 LS LT RS V6

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