Stage 3 Deflectors

Description SKU 45-4-083 PRM
Paint Finish
$379.00 USD

Inspired by the Z05 GM option on the Z07 package and designed to fit the non-wide bodied Stingray, the ACS-Stingray Stage Three Deflector is the jewel of our latest splitter line. It is exclusive to the Stingray for enhanced brake cooling and a bold new look honoring its bigger brother, the Z07.

The S3 deflectors are manufactured in RTM composite and come available in primer, satin black, or carbon flash black paint.  

The Stage three endcaps will fit on the Z06 style ACS Stingray Splitter, which can be found here.


    I have the stage one splitter (textured plastic) on my Stingray. Will these attach to it?

    No. These do not fit on the ends of that splitter. You will need to remove that splitter and upgrade to the Z06 style, which can be found here.

    C7 Corvette Stingray 2014-2018 with 45-4-037, 45-4-059, or GM Z06 Splitter
    Shipping Dimensions:

    23x9x4" 5lbs