ACS-C7 Front Splitter

Description SKU 45-4-003 PRM
Front Wheel Deflectors
$519.00 USD

The sleek ACS-C7 Splitter synergizes frontal aerodynamics, style, fuel-efficiency, simplicity and elegance.

The splitter comes fully prepped and primed ready for paint or available in either Satin Black or Carbon Flash Black.

 The ACS-C7 Splitter Features:

  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated RTM composite material.
  • Will not lower the front ride height of the car. 
  • Complete undercarriage pan for protection and rigidity.
  • 3 undercarriage fins, which keep airflow laminar and directs air to the brakes and rear of the car. 
  • Original OEM mounting points are used for easy installation.
  • Non-restricting fuel optimizing mechanism achieved via central opening. 
  • Road Guard protective coating sprayed on inner surfaces for longevity and show finish. 

Added Aerodynamics:

Choose to add the ACS-C7 Deflectors that we designed to efficiently push airflow around the rotating wheels. This will reduce lift and drag. The  ACS-C7 Deflectors are installed with original OEM mounting hardware found along the wheel liner inside the front fascia.

  • ACS-C7 Splitter with Deflectors (45-4-005) will fit only the C7 Stingray.
  • ACS-C7 Splitter with no Deflectors (45-4-003) will fit all C7 Corvettes.

Available Finishes:

  • Black Primer with undercoating paint on inner surface. 
  • Satin Black Finish with undercoating paint on inner surface.
  • Carbon Flash Finish with undercoating paint on inner surface.

    Application Guide

    • C7 Stingray
    • C7 Z06 (without front wheel deflectors) 
    • Grand Sport (without front wheel deflectors)

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