Gen5 Camaro 2014-2015 SS Hood Insert Vent | TLE design

TLE Hood Insert

Description SKU [46-4-011]PRM
Surface Finish
$349.00 USD

With the dazzling new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, GM achieved incredibly effective

airflow management and stunning aerodynamics and one of the most eye-catching features is the sleek, intimidating front end. Supercharging the LS power plant can be a challenge; ACS has solved this problem with our brand new lustrous ACS Composite TLE Hood Insert, Pn 46-4-011.

The development of our latest Hood Insert was solely driven by from and function. Ensuring to clear all top mount superchargers and retain aerodynamic efficiency were one of many design parameter. ACS worked with the major supercharger manufacturers to ensure adequate clearance and cooling is provided. The ACS hood insert is a true bolt on with no required modifications ensuring a quick install and upgrade.

 Hood Insert Features 

  • Available in Primer, Satin Black or Carbon Flash Black paint finish.
  • Heat extraction via a waterfall extractor design and rear cowl exit.
  • Increased engine clearance accommodating all Supercharger Systems.
  • Compatible with any non-supercharged SS / 1LE.
  • Black plastic ABS molded grill insert and removable water management system for improved track performance.
      What is the difference between the three surface finishes?

      Primer is an unpainted surface that will need painting prior to install. It is unadvised to install a primer unit as there are no UV stabilizers to protect it from sunlight exposure. Satin Black is a matte black finish that is dull in appearance similar to what you would see if you black Plastidip something. Finally, carbon flash black is a paint finish that we use on our Corvette product line. It is a high gloss black with a 1% silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it looks high gloss black, but up close you can see the silver metallic flake in the paint. It is a great option for making your accent pieces pop!

      Camaro 2014-15 SS V8
      Shipping Dimensions: 48x24x4" 5lbs


      Primer is an unfinished surface that will require a final sanding prior to painting. Primer is a great option for those looking to customize and/or paint the parts themselves or have a body shop handle the paint. Primer is not intended to be installed as is on a vehicle. There are no UV stabilizers in the primer coating and will, therefore, degrade over time when exposed to sunlight

      Satin Black:

      Satin Black is a matte black color that is dull in appearance similar to the OEM front grill of your 5th gen. It is a painted-on surface so it is smooth and easy to maintain. 

      Carbon Flash Black:

      CFZ is a black paint finish with a silver metallic flake in the paint. From far it appears as a gloss black finish; however, upon closer inspection a silver metallic flake can be seen inside the paint finish. CFZ is derived from the Centennial Edition C6 Corvette, Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended for a detailed look.