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ACS Composite

Z/28 Inspired Rear Deck Spoiler

Z/28 Inspired Rear Deck Spoiler


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Transform Your Camaro with ACS Rear Deck Spoiler

Upgrade your 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro with our high-quality ACS Rear Deck Spoiler, designed to enhance both aesthetics and performance. Inspired by the legendary 2014 Camaro Z/28, this rear spoiler adds downforce and style to your vehicle.

ACS Rear Deck Spoiler: Performance and Style

  • Manufactured in OEM-validated RTM composite material
  • Available with or without adjustable Wicker Bill for added downforce
  • Fully prepped and primed
  • Available in four mounting layouts
  • Compatible with LS, LT, RS, SS, and ZL1 Camaro models
  • Wicker options: Standard, hardware installed, or polycarbonate transparent
  • Finish options: Primer or satin black paint (Flat black, 30% gloss)

Elevate your Camaro's look and performance with our ACS Rear Deck Spoiler, designed to seamlessly blend with your vehicle's character and lines, while providing measurable downforce benefits.


RTM Composite

A compression molding technique involving high pressure and heat to create a solid, smooth fiberglass panel. Stronger than hand layup.

Install video

Sorry, no install video is available. Check back later.

Surface finish

The following surface finishes are available on the Z/28 Inspired Rear Deck Spoiler:


A paint swatch of primer

Satin Black

A paint swatch of 1LE Black
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Vehicle fitment

  • Gen5 '10-'13 ZL1
  • Gen5 '10-'13 SS
  • Gen5 '10-'13 LS LT RS
  1. Coupe
  2. Convertible/HTC

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Z/28 Inspired Rear Deck Spoiler care instructions View full details
  • Tools Required

  • Made in North America

    Buy with confidence knowing each part was designed, made, and painted within North America.

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