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Z/28 Inspired Rear Deck Spoiler

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$599.00 USD

Rear Deck Spoiler for 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro

As GM diligently worked to sculpt a new Rear Spoiler that not only looks the business but measurably adds downforce to the 2014 Camaro Z/28, at ACS, we decided to model our brand new Rear Deck Spoiler for the 2010-13 Camaro following the footsteps of the legendary 14’ Z/28.

Fine-tuning a concept that has been thoroughly tested to improve design and efficiency, we lovingly implemented a few minor adaptations to this Spoiler so that it blends in with the character and line of the vehicle for which it had been designed for. ACS are, as always proving that our design and manufacturing teams are relentless in their pursuit of perfection. 


  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated RTM composite material.
  • Available with or without the Wicker Bill for added adjustable downforce.
  • Fully prepped and primed.
  • Available in four mounting layout.
  • Standard Coupe Version for LS /LT/RS/ SS Read decks.
  • Convertible LS /LT/RS/ SS Read decks.
  • ZL1 coupe replacement version.
    • (will require the addition of the non-ZL1 rear brake light system to be retrofitted, not included).
  • ZL1 Convertible replacement version.
    • (will require the addition of the non-ZL1 rear brake light system to be retrofitted, not included).

Wicker Options

  • Standard (no wicker)
  • With Wicker hardware installed
  • With Polycarbonate transparent wicker bill

    Available in 3 finishes

    • Primer
    • Satin black paint (Flat black, 30% Gloss)
    • Carbon flash paint (Clear Coated Black with silver Metallic Flake, Same color a the 45th Anniversary Camaro)
    Will I need to drill holes into my trunk to install this spoiler?

    No. No holes are drilled if you have an existing stock spoiler. It re-uses the same mounting holes, and bolts as your OEM spoiler!

    What is the difference between the three finishes?

    Primer is an unpainted surface that will require a final sanding prior to applying paint. It is highly unadvised to install this spoiler as a primer unit. There are no UV stabilizers in this coating, and therefore will fade overtime. Satin Black is a flat black or matte black finish that is dull black in appearance--similar to the effects of plastidip. Finally, Carbon Flash Black is a gloss black black finish with a silver metallic flake in it when inspected up close. This is the color that was used on the 45th Anniversary Camaro, and is currently used on the C7 Corvette.

    • Camaro 2010-2013
    Shipping Dimensions: 72x6x24"